Pedigree of:
Grandheart's Secret
(F) 12 Nov 2016, 7387-2750993, Brown Patched Tabby-White CPC Exotic
GC Jazzycats Some Like It Hot
07 Jul 2015
7740M-2122605 v1116 Red Mackerel Tabby Exotic
GC Parti Wai EX Mystical of Jazzycats
12 Jun 2012
7940-1785877 v0214 Red Spotted Tabby-White Exotic
GC Parti Wai EX Black Magic of DClass
15 Jun 2011
7708-1740691 v1212 Black Exotic
GC, BW, NW D'Eden Lover Cougart of Parti WaiEX(LatinLove
05 Nov 2007 7708-1622228 v0910 Black Exotic
Parti Wai EX Black Diamond
22 Mar 2010 7709-1740434 v0212 Black Exotic
GC, NW D'Eden Lover Gypsy of Parti Wai EX DM
23 May 2011
7987S-1728761 v1212 Brown Patched Spotted Tabby-White Exotic
CH D'Eden Lover Gigolo of Wishes (Latin Lover) DM
21 May 2006 7744S-1576590 v1107 Brown Spotted Tabby Exotic
GC, NW D'Eden Lover One Star of Wishes DM
27 Jun 2005 0149-1538393 v0807 Calico Persian
CH Divinity's Jersey Girl of Jazzycats
20 Jan 2014
7751-2030855 Blue-Cream Exotic
CH Kis' Herbas Lennox of Divinity
26 Nov 2009
7944-1724418 v1112 Brown Spotted Tabby-White Exotic
LT* Lelija Charleston of Molimoli(Kis' Herbas)
12 Jul 2007 7944-1613569 v0409 Brown Tabby-White Van Exotic
IC Kis' Herbas Lavazza of Siriuksen
05 Nov 2007 7725-1644693 v0809/FI SK LO 1510144 Tortoiseshell Smoke Exotic
PT* Sarthilda Bambi of Grandheart(Divinity)
21 Feb 2012
7799-1774522/(PT)CPF LO 016169 Red Tabby-White Exotic LH
Apollo by Charmibell *PT
(PT)CPF LO 014217 Red Tabby Exotic LH
Foxie du Val Dore of Sarthilda
(PT)CPF LO 015444/LOOF 2010.13749 Tortoiseshell Exotic LH
CH Ashlin Zots Silver Trinket
27 Apr 2014
7393-2027017 v0815 Silver Tabby-White CPC Exotic
CH Faithful Koda Chrome of Ashlin Zots
26 Jun 2010
7392-1712978 v0512 Silver Tabby-White CPC Exotic
CH Svetuna's See My Chrome of Faithful
31 Jul 2008
7992-1659799 v1009 Silver Tabby-White Exotic
CH Heida I'm Seeing Spots of Svetuna
11 Sep 2004 7818-1512103 v0107 Black-White Van Exotic
Svetuna's Vasilissa
07 Jan 2005 7737-1572101 v0706 Silver Tabby Exotic
Faithful Parvati
20 Aug 2008
7537-1651881 v1109 Silver Tabby CPC Exotic
CH Loknglas Grey Goose of Faithful
16 May 2007 7736-1616250 v0708 Silver Tabby Exotic
Faithful's Olivia
25 Aug 2004 7585-1508238 v1106 Silver Patched Mackerel Tabby Exotic
GC, RW Ashlin Zots Drippin In Jewels
26 May 2012
7749-1753846 v1213 Calico Exotic
CH Twobearzz Nightrider of Ashlin Zots
29 Oct 2008
7708-1657312 v0810 Black Exotic
CH, PR Twobearzz Red River
10 Jan 2007 7740-1599208 v0908 Red Tabby Exotic
CH Calivan's X-Purr-T of TwoBearzz (Mockingbird)
10 Jun 2005 7709-1541003 v0707 Black Exotic
Panei's Little Miss Muffet
09 Sep 2010
7799-1713907 Red-White Exotic LH
CH Patlen Playing With Fire of Panei DM
04 Jul 2009 1110-1685033 v0910 Red-White Van Persian
Panei's Ella
02 Oct 2006 7703-1623881 v0808 C.E. White Exotic