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De Lindar's Cosmopolitan
(F) Mar 30 2009, 0103-1677918/(FI)SRK LO 90652, C.E. White Persian
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Sire Newages Star Shine of De Lindar   (M) Feb 26 2006 0102-1568965 v1008 C.E. White Persian
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Dam GC In Style Ella Enchanted of De Lindar's   (F) Nov 18 2004 0103-1517416 v0506 C.E. White Persian
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Litter 1
May 1 2010
CH Haendel's Imhotep   (M) Apr 2 2008 0114-1636630/FIN SRK LO 90533 Cream Persian
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  1. Vanilla-Star Madeleine   (F) May 1 2010 0103-1700760/(FI)SRK LO 84450 C.E. White Persian
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  2. Vanilla-Star Victoria   (F) May 1 2010 0147-1700758/(FI)SRK LO 84447 Tortoiseshell Persian
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