Breeding of:

GC Marcus Smurfette
(F) Apr 1 2005, 0107-1536563 v0906, Blue Persian
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Sire GC Marcus M'zrahi DM   (M) Oct 12 2003 0108-1471284 v0505 Black Persian
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Dam GC, NW Marcus Mrs Butterworth DM   (F) Jan 13 2004 0147-1478326 v0805 Tortoiseshell Persian
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Litter 1
May 22 2006
GC Jadon Shadowplay of Desdecados   (M) May 1 2005 0114-1530310 v0906 /SVERAK LO 223783 Cream Persian
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  1. GP, NW Marcus Delaplane of Jadon   (M) May 22 2006 0106-1576528 Blue Persian
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  2. GP Marcus Jadon of Delaplane   (M) May 22 2006 0106-1576528 Blue Persian
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