Breeding of:

Real World Diva
(F) Apr 11 1998, 0111-1195959 v1099, Red Persian
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Sire Johnorah Wiseguy of Real World   (M) May 1 1994 0110-0935082 v1096 Red Persian
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Dam Q-T Cats Velveeta of Real World   (F) Jun 10 1996 0147-1090944 v1297 Tortoiseshell Persian
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Litter 1
May 29 2000
CH Real World Billy Boy of Arrow   (M) Sep 13 1997 0102-1162154 v1298 C.E. White Persian
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  1. GC, DW Real World Moshi Moshi   (M) May 29 2000 0102-1314410 v0903 C.E. White Persian
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