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GC 23rd Avenue Soul Jacker
(M) Mar 6 2016, 3192-2451808, Chocolate Tabby & White CPC
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PawsArePurrs Thats Mr Dimples

Ceylon's Do You Lilac It?
Lilac Calico CPC
3099-1674197 Sep 10 2008
GC Ceylon's Ready Or Not Here Eye Come
Cream & White (Blue-Eyed) CPC
3114-1612194 Aug 30 2007
Rivikats Made To Order of Ceylon
Lilac & White CPC
3174-1576466 v0107 Sep 27 2005
Havellandcat's Chocolate Eclair
Rivikats Colorina
Ceylon's Make Me Blush
Red & White CPC
3111-1607153 v0907 Aug 1 2006
Ceylon's Grand Illusion
Bellisa Minnie Clu of Ceylon
Katz Caprice BetterBiDesign
Lilac & White CPC
3175-1581608 v0607 May 30 2006
CH Tracylooe Milkshake of Katz Caprice
Lilac & White CPC
3174-1549612 v0606 Apr 6 2005
Tracylooe Paddington Bear
Tracylooe Amy
Katz Caprice Violet
Blue CPC
3007-1527445 v0806 May 1 2005
GC CoralDancer Higgins of Katz Caprice
Mibarben Lily of Katz Caprice
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