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GP A Kitkat Con Artist
(M) May 27 2016, 3044-2374595, Brown Tabby CPC
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GC, RW A Kitkat Let It Ride
Flame Lynx Point Himalayan
3260-2034281 Jul 8 2014

GC A Kitkat Moves Like Jagger
Seal Lynx Point Himalayan
3252-1740085 Jul 20 2011
CH Dreamz Willy Wunderbar of A Kitkat
Chocolate Point Himalayan
3270-1680130 v0611 Aug 6 2009
GC Lake Hyco Brown Thrasher of Dreamz
CH Dreamz Dream Maker
GC Sobelin Liz Taylor I's of A Kitkat
Seal Lynx Point Himalayan
3253-1671838 v1011 May 11 2009
CH, EngGC Sandypaws Chief Manyletters
CH Sobelin Safira
CH, GP A Kitkat Get The Parti Started
Tortoiseshell CPC
3047-1782389 May 27 2013
GC Steeplechase Jet Set of Persipals
Black Persian
0108-1646961 Apr 24 2008
Steeplechase One In A Million
Tombrock Taboo of Steeplechase
CH Purr-Majik Shebop of A Kitkat
Tortie Point Himalayan
3293-1706280 Jul 4 2010
GC Kittystone Shenanigan of Majik Paws DM
CH Purr-Majik Blush
GC, BW, NW Lushell HollywoodSunset of A Kitkat
Brown Patched Tabby CPC
3087-1734533 Jul 29 2011

GC, NW Alizara Defying Gravity of Lushell DM
Brown Tabby Persian
0144-1672488 May 12 2009
RW SGC Whozz The Maverick of Alizara
Black & White Persian
1108-1515813 Apr 11 2004
Budmar Joe Cool of Whozz
Whozz Mischief Maker
GC Kissables Montana Sky of Alizara
Blue Patched McTabby & White Persian
1189-1576856 v1107 May 5 2006
GC Harwood Hollywood of Kissables
CH Chrishanna Chrissy of Kissables
Larix's PS I Love You of Lushell
Flame Lynx Point Himalayan
3261-1665333 v1209 Jun 15 2008
Larix's Dali
Flame Lynx Point Himalayan
3260-1589820 v0908 Aug 10 2006
CH Larix's My Treasure Gucci!
Brigantina's Unona of Larix
Larix's Oh, Honey!
Red Tabby CPC
3041-1560343 Oct 3 2005
CH Brigantina's Rusline of Larix
CH Brigantina's Via Capriccio of Larix
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