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Agonistes Delilah of Lark Hill (of Cheshirr)
(F) Apr 23 1999, 0103-1338624 v0301, C.E. White Persian
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Hugsalot's Buzz of Agonistes
C.E. White Persian
0102-1115935 v0899 Aug 12 1996
CH Expressions Sir Prise of Infiniti (Bolo)
C.E. White Persian
0102-0909986 v1095 Aug 13 1995
GC Bolo's Marque Four of Expressions
Bolo's Purrsey Girl of Expressions
Citnkboodles Emily of Hugsalot
Blue Persian
0107-0861719 v1194/DEKZV LO 263607 Mar 28 1993
GC Bolo's Shadow Maker of Citnkboodles
Gentlehart Tess Truhart of Citnkboodles
GC, NW Agonistes Calamity of Newages
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1142388 v0898 May 18 1998
Cattrax Genuwin Remarque
Black Persian
0108-1004016 v0196 Jun 25 1994
GC Cattrax Duke-O'-Earl DM
Cattrax Silhouette DM
Agonistes Tesian
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1069752 v0896 May 13 1995
GC Bolo's Bear Essentials of Agonistes
CH Agonistes Juanita of Krystalpaw
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