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CH Arcobaleno Dali
(M) Oct 12 2014, 7744S-2046519, Brown Spotted Tabby Exotic
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Arcobaleno Calypso
Brown Tabby Exotic
IC, W.Ch. Rubacuori della Primavera of Arcobaleno
Brown Tabby Exotic
0030-1679713 v1109 Jan 29 2006
GEC Oliver della Primavera
Black Exotic LH
LO.FIAF 11828
W.Ch Maramao della Primavera DM (FIFe)
Fenea della Primavera
Argentovivo Circe(Argentovivo Circle della Pr
Brown Patched Mackerel Tabby Exotic
7787M-1272329 v0800/ AFEF LO 922 May 10 1999
Walter of Argentovivo
GC Blueskyeyes Black Pearls of Argentovivo DM
D'Eden Lover Magie Noire of Arcobaleno
Black Persian
0109-1720688 Dec 24 2010
GC, BW, NW Melositos White Owl of D'Eden Lover DM, COY
C.E. White (Blue) Persian
0102-1544457 v0308 Aug 2 2005
Boberan's Black Spade of Melositos
Kitty Charm Moonwinds of Melositos
CH Zhao Be Still My Heart of Kuorii (Couronne) DM
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1462105 v0805 Jul 8 2003
GC Couronne Heart's On Fire of Zhao
CH Ilex Aura About Her of Zhao
Made In Italy Pikachu' of Arcobaleno
Black Persian
0055-1722927 Jun 30 2009
Mumbo Jumbo of Kenfthis JW
Blue Mackerel Tabby Persian
LOI 86284 Dec 2 2006
GC, RW Boberan's Rusty's Spirit
Red Persian
0110-1367578 / LOI 72984/LO.FIAF 16378 Apr 29 2001
GC, RW Jolee's Dune of Boberan (Dalu) DM
GC, GP, RW Boberan's Holiday DM
Ginevra of Kenfthis
Blue Patched Mackerel Tabby-White Persian
LOI 76224 Jul 7 2003
GC, RW, IC Jelliebeans Jimmy'z DM (FIFe)
GIP Antonellina of Preludio
A Heaven Sent Encore Une Fois JW
Brown Patched Spotted Tabby-White Persian
LOI 88714 Jul 4 2007
CH Jubileum's Freddie The Freeloader
Brown Tabby-White Van Persian
1142-1540357 /A-ÖVEK-LO-0616040 May 21 2005
GC, RW Catillak's Time Will Tell
GC, NW Jubileum's GoodNight Irene DM
IC, A Heaven Sent Belinda
Red Mackerel Tabby-White Exotic LH
A-ÖVEK-LO-0615853 Jul 25 2006
Pizzacata Desperado
CH Kiss Me Angel of Golden Laid
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