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ACA CH Arlane's Nicolette (aka Nicolette)
(F) Mar 27 1940, ACA 15278 v32, Black Smoke Persian
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CH Otus Floridanus
Black Smoke Persian
19-SB-214 v21/ACA 15200 Oct 15 1935
Cori-Tam O'Tampa
Black Smoke Persian
xx7076 v10 & 12 Aug 21 1923
ACA CH The Conqueror
Black Smoke Persian
x9533 v12 Oct 7 1925
Cori-Co-Colette (aka Cori Collette)
Black Persian
21-SB-465 v23 Sep 14 1938
Barbe Bleue Wolof's Tarbitts
Black Persian
18-SB-443 v20 Aug 20 1936
Barbe Bleue Wolof's Gloomy Night
Barbe Bleue Bitts O'Tar
Emperor's Adorable Daughter of Silver Moth
Black Persian
19-SB-430 v21 Apr 25 1937
Barbe Bleue Wolof's Emperor Jones of Silver M
Princess Black Beauty of Silver Moth
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