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CH Ashdene Simply Adorable
(M) Jan 19 2015, ANCATS 37710, Chinchilla Silver Persian
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GC Brettachtal's Kohinoor
Chinchilla Silver Persian
0130-1701263 May 2 2010

Brettachtal's High Society
Shaded Silver Persian
0132-1657134 v0210 Oct 21 2008
CH Brettachtal's Lord Mountbatten
Shaded Silver Persian
0132-1625720 v1108 Sep 17 2007
CH Brettachtal's Bismarck
Brettachtal's Lady Ascot
Brettachtal's Tosca
Shaded Silver Persian
0133-1657133 v0209 Sep 12 2007
Brettachtal's Aston Martin
Angelicalpaw Priscella
Brettachtal's Kate Hudson
Shaded Silver Persian
0133-1646006 Apr 21 2008
CH Brettachtal's Bismarck
Shaded Silver Persian
0132-1586662 v1007 Jul 27 2006
Brettachtal's Rockefeller
Brettachtal's Angelina Jolie
Brettachtal's Lady Astoria
Shaded Silver Persian
0133-1593452 v1007 Aug 24 2006
Brettachtal's Swarovski
Angelicalpaw Priscella
Ashdene Simply Irresistable

CH Missionhill Eternal Wisdom
Shaded Golden CPC
3072-1685902 Sep 28 2009
TICA SGC Missionhill Cosmic Crusade
Shaded Silver CPC
3032-1655113 v0709 Jun 15 2008
TICA DGC Ultamint Fair Haven of Missionhill
Missionhill Royal Anthem
TICA QGC Missionhill Deo Gracias
Shaded Silver CPC
3033-1611205 Apr 24 2007
CH Dreamhimi's Willie Nelson
Missionhill Raindance
Korokat Simply Divine
Shaded Silver Persian

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