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UK CH Azure of Hadley
(M) Jul 28 1915, GCCF 5022 v1 SB#74 v3 (?5028), Colorbred Blue Persian
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Bunny Hug of Hyver
Blue Persian
UK CH Blue Jacket of Hyver
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 16 v1/USR 136 Jun 3 1910
UK CH Bluecap of Thorpe
Sapphire of Castlethorpe (Oaklands Sapphire)
Madam Mousie (?Maisie)
Blue Persian
Cym of Hyver
Catrina of Hyver
Scilla of Hadley (of Hyver)
Blue Persian
NCC 7728/ GCCF 728 SB #212 v1-2 Mar 15 1910
UK CH Sir Archie II of Arrandale
Blue Persian
NCC 5650 / GCCF v1 Apr 21 1907
Sir Archie of Arrandale
Blue Lassie of Arrandale
Berkshire Lassie
Blue Persian
NCC Oct 3 1903
Don Carlos
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