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CH Barbe Bleue Ahoy of Laguna
(M) May 2 1938, 20-SB-814 v22 / ACA 14831, Colorbred Blue Persian
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CH Blue Heather Christopher Robin of 7 Elms
Colorbred Blue Persian
15-SB-354 v17-18 / ACA 12958 May 16 1932
Bunkered of Balbedie
Colorbred Blue Persian
14-SB-827 v17 / GCCF 16683(?14320) v4-5 Apr 11 1927
UK CH Flick-A-Maroo
Blue Persian
GCCF 10929 SB# 788 v3-4 /Transfer # 11373 Apr 24 1925
Dazzler of Henley
Blue Persian
GCCF SB#9705 Apr 16 1924
UK CH Azure of Hadley
Irish Colleen
Lorelei of Culloden ( AKA The Lorelei of...)
Colorbred Blue Persian
14-SB-828 v17
Blessing of Culloden
Blue Persian
GCCF 13198 SB#1235 v4-5 May 6 1927
Milord O'Mendip
Wisteria of Culloden
Laughton Lucy
Blue Persian
GCCF 17866 v5 May 3 1927
UK CH Colneside Billy Bumpet
Woodchurch Dawn
Barbe Bleue Gorgeous Hussy (1936)
Colorbred Blue Persian
18-SB-263 v20 Apr 9 1936
GC Barbe Bleue Symphony
Colorbred Blue Persian
17-SB-398, v19 Sep 8 1934
Barbe Bleue Gigolo
Colorbred Blue Persian
15-SB-493 v17 / ACA 11841 v26 Apr 23 1931
Lavender Merlin
Lavender Merlette
Barbe Bleue Berceuse
Colorbred Blue Persian
16-SB-343 v18 Aug 6 1933
CH Barbe Bleue Meenie
Barbe Bleue Marylue
UK CH Barbe Bleue Speedwell Banksia
Colorbred Blue Persian
16-SB-527 v18 Jul 7 1934
ACFA TCH Speedwell Ahoy
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 20784 Aug 12 1931
CH, ACA GP Speedwell Jannock
Speedwell Alayne
Speedwell Bouncing Binnie
Blue Persian
GCCF 20335 Apr 26 1932
UK CH Speedwell Troubadour
Speedwell Bramble
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