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GC Bear Trax Billy Jack of Dullcats (Divinity)
(M) Aug 6 1993, 0108-0895641 v0295, Black Persian
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GC Jo-Ni Poo Bear of Bear Trax
Cream Persian
0114-0718753 v0792 Mar 2 1991
GC Chota-Li Boomerang of Jo-Ni
Blue-White Persian
0190-0468416 v0889 May 3 1988
GC Sofondakatts Ewok of Chota-Li
Black Persian
0108-0250424 v0886 Aug 29 1984
GC Lucki-Lins Sunkist of Sofondakatts
CH Pally Evol of Sofondakatts
CH Dandizette Lulu of Chota-Li
Calico Persian
0149-0204894 v0386 Nov 27 1983
CH Chota-Li Butterscotch of Dandizette
Dandizette's Cocoa
Jo-Ni Hot Desire
Red Tabby Persian
0141-0486039 v0790 Jun 9 1988
GC Mystichill Miracle of Meadowood DM
Red Persian
0110-0005512 v0381 /DEKZV 066482 Oct 15 1979
GC Bar-B The Wiz of Mystichill DM
CH Tao-Lu's Shalimar of Palmaire DM
Clairon Debutante of Nantee
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0415689 v0888 Aug 7 1986
GC, PR Shilow Blue Moon of Jo-Ni
GC Shadowhill Mostly Sunny
Pawprintz Sugar & Spice
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0837134 v1093 May 16 1992
GC, RW Marhei MacMillion of Jonala DM
Red Tabby Persian
0140-0299558 v1186 Oct 15 1985
GC, NW Marhei Epitome DM
Black Persian
0108-0178088 v0685 Sep 29 1983
GC, NW Bar-B V.I.C. of Marhei DM
Marhei Moonbeam DM
Marhei Wendy DM
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0200235 v0984 / DZB 141610 May 18 1983
GC, NW Bar-B V.I.C. of Marhei DM
CH Sandy Glenn's Spanish Sunrise
CH Jo-Ni Centerpiece of Pawprintz (of Toshika)
Black Persian
0109-0282086 v1086 May 20 1985
GC, PR Shilow Blue Moon of Jo-Ni
Blue Persian
0106-0119526 v0184 Jul 5 1982
GC Kohinoor Jubilee
GC Shilow Moon Song
Jo-Ni Mercedier
Black Persian
0109-0192095 v0784 Jun 4 1983
CH Simbelair Halston of Chumaly
GC Firefall Juliette of Jo-Ni
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