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CH, GP Beirut Sabrina Fair of Anz
(F) Jul 6 1977, 0191-0000551 v111, Blue-White Persian
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Beirut Felice
Black-White Van Persian
0190-0000748 v109 Jul 29 1975
CH Beirut Ibn Khalif of Ryah Haven
Blue-White Persian
0190-0000315 v106 Apr 27 1973
CH Beirut Khalif
Red-White Persian
0190-0000075 v104 Apr 25 1970
CH Araho Caviar of James' Catinet
Beirut Marishia
Beirut Banshee
Silver Tabby Persian
0137-0001104 v105 May 22 1971
CH Araho Caviar of James' Catinet
CH Ra-Ge Sheba of Beirut
Beirut Painted Lady
Calico Persian
0149-0000093 v104 Apr 25 1970
CH Araho Caviar of James' Catinet
Black Persian
0108-0001233 v99 Jun 7 1966
GC, NW Moonshine (aka Araho Moonshine)
GC Silva-Wyte Super Suds of Araho
Beirut Marishia
Cream-White Persian
0191-0000356 v108 / P15-1(s)F70-2806-2 Apr 22 1969
CH Beirut Thor
Beirut Nina Rojo
Maison De Chat Miss Maisie Cat
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0002828 v103 Feb 10 1970
CH Jan-Dam's King Kol of Merriwhyte
Black Persian
0108-0001156-3 v99 May 20 1965
CH, CFF GC Jan-Dam's Dark Lion
Black Smoke Persian
0134-0000024-2 v90/CFF 22282 v26 Jul 17 1958
CH, TCH Pat of Ye Merrymack of Jan-Dam
CH, DCH Smokey Lass of Jan-Dam
CH, CFF CH Skyway Hummy of Jan-Dam
Blue Persian
0107-0001608 v98 Aug 31 1963
Larks-Purr Humdinger of Cable
Evergreen Promise of Skyway
CH Castilia Musette of Spot Light
Cream Persian
0115-0001659 v101 May 23 1968
CH An-Ju St. Andrew of Ben-Mar
Cream Persian
0114-0001092 v99 Jul 26 1965
GC, NW, GP Castilia Sandy of Pur-Time
CH Ben-Mar Star-Fire of An-Ju
Castilia Shanna
Cream Persian
0115-0001534 v100 Mar 16 1967
GC Ben-Mar Daydream of Moonfleet
CH Larks-Purr Lady Gai of Castilia
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