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CH Bejeweled Maui Coral
(F) Aug 24 2011, 7679-1738395, Flame Point Exotic
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CH Bejeweled Picture Perfect Agate
Flame Point Exotic
7678-1674730 May 3 2009
CH Compri Smokey Topaz of Bejeweled
Seal Point Exotic
7672-1590083 Aug 29 2006
Compri Periwinkle of Mystic Eyes
Flame Point Exotic
7678-1502765 v0905 Jun 14 2004
CH Compri Liberty
Le Chat Paws Thalia
GP Compri Doodlebug
Blue-Cream Point Exotic
7689-1448097 v0704 May 16 2003
Jetset's Cropduster
CH Ourzots Nora Weigelt Randall
CH Bejeweled's Amber Delight
Flame Point Exotic
7679-1615502 May 5 2007
CH, GP Loralyn's Reggae
Flame Point Himalayan
3278-1569277 Apr 15 2006
CH Kittystone's Marty
GC Loralyn's Calypso
CH Mypalspurr Sweet Jewel of Bejeweled
Tortie Point Exotic
7693-1535444 Feb 3 2005
CH Mypalspurr Sweet Blitz
Bellakitty Kierra of Mypalspurr
GC Kittystone's Legally Blonde
Cream McTabby Exotic
7555M-1623231 Jun 27 2007
GC Kittystone's Nice Guy of Shaparack
Cream Point Himalayan
3296-1572517 v1007 Apr 7 2006
CH Kittystone's Marty
Seal Point Himalayan
3272-1458690 v0804 Mar 11 2003
CH Kittystone's Crimson Flash
CH Protege's Cappuchino of Kittystone
CH Alomi's Disco Fever of Kittystone DM
Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
3289-1382101 v0902 Jun 11 2001
GC/IC Teahs Winter's Frost of Alomi
ICH Keystone She's So Bad of Alomi
CH Kittystone's Natalie
Blue Patched Tabby Exotic
7589-1504997 v1105 May 14 2004
GC Hadfields Mommys Boy
Red Tabby Exotic
7540-1415030 Mar 22 2002
FIFE CH Ormeryds Austin
EngCH Hadfields Tommys Girl
CH Calivan's Screen Test of Tallin
Blue McTabby Exotic
7753M-1416183 v0604 Jun 28 2002
CH Calivan's Leading Man
CH Calivan's Tuff Tina of Pensfordhill DM
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