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CH Belcherpurrs Bella Sky
(F) Apr 16 2017, 7993-2718012, Blue McTabby & White Exotic
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Parti Wai Max Amazing
Blue & White Persian
1106-1718820 v0113 Aug 19 2010
GC Patlen's Fools Gold of Parti Wai
Cream & White Persian
1114-1638339 v0910 Apr 1 2008
Patlen's Outta Tulsa
Cream & White Persian
1114-1618915 v0408 Dec 26 2005
CH Rhamjoge Grand Expectations
Budmar Tulsa of Patlen
GC Patlen's Wa-Lah
Cream & White Persian
1115-1522159 v0306 Feb 1 2005
CH Rhamjoge Grand Expectations
GC Rhamjoge's Rosette of Patlen
CH Parti Wai Medea
Blue Tabby & White Persian
1157-1676203 v0910 Jun 20 2009
GC Day Oh Wish Upon A Star of Milord DM
Black & White Persian
1108-1576552 v0907 Mar 2 2006
Day Oh True Reflection
Day Oh Let Me Call You Sweetheart
GC, RW Parti Wai Emmanuelle
Brown Patched Tabby & White Persian
1187-1614570 v0909 May 7 2007
GC Sandy-B Cowboy
GC Parti Wai I'm A Cookie Too
GC Belcherpurrs I Am Lady Adele
Brown McTabby & White Exotic
7945-1755484 v0813 Jan 26 2012
CH Furarri's Blue Thunder
Blue Exotic
7706-1588408 v1108 Jul 20 2006
CH Marleevo's Maxiumum Danger
Cream McTabby Exotic
7754M-1382181 v1202 Jun 14 2001
GC Zoticats Maximum Impact
CH Marleevo's Dangerous Obsession
CH Furarri's Puttin' On The Ritz
Brown Tabby Exotic
7745-1520384 v1206 Sep 16 2004
CH Faithful Hummer H2 of Insomnia
Furarri's Ozark Skye
Belcherpurrs I Am Buttons And Bows
Brown Patched Tabby Exotic LH
7799-1663622 v0912 Nov 8 2008
Ocean Purrls Prince Airdrie
Red Tabby & White Persian
1140-1583688 v1207 Jul 20 2006
GC Farallon King-Of-Kensington
Purrzone Little Miss Muffet
Belcherpurrs I Am Elle
Blue Patched Tabby & White Exotic LH
7799-1619560 v1008 Jul 2 2007
CH Cambreland MaxAloha of Belcherpurrs
CH Blueberyhill Wish Upon A Star
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