Pedigree of:

GC Brannaway Sluggo DM
(M) Jun 30 1988, 1110-489615 v1289, Red & White Persian
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GC Reddell's R2D2 of Brannaway DM
Blue Persian
0106-338454 v1187 Jun 18 1986

GC, RW Reddell Darth Vader
Black Persian
0108-200847 v1085 Apr 3 1984
CH Carasol's Caspar of Sunpatch
Cream Persian
0114-010542 v0581 Jun 1 1979
Carasol's Cozad
CH Comarro Visa of Carasol
CH Wynden's After Hours of Reddell
Black Persian
0109-118062 v0484 Jun 12 1982
CH Arahn's After Dark
GC Mary Lou Giroflee of Wynden
CH Janilee Ante Up of Reddell
Blue Persian
0107-215627 v1085 Apr 9 1984
CH Janilee Charlie's Pride
Blue Persian
0106-128439 Apr 28 1982
Janilee Deuce
Janilee Charlie's Angel
GC Janilee Cliche
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-117346 May 3 1982
Miwood Tutankhamun
GC Janilee Honey Do DM
GC, RW Brannaway Cherry Bomb DM
Red McTabby & White Persian
1193M-283940 v1187 Jul 4 1985

Timbercreek Sherman T Oynque
Red Persian
0110-144249 v1284 Sep 16 1982
CH Timbercreek's Carbon Copy
Red Persian
0110-072407 v1082 May 11 1981
GC Timbercreek's Trademark
Eirewood's Confetti
Timbercreek's Hopscotch
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-012566 v1181 Jun 25 1980
Timbercreek Tripper
GC Calais Aimee of Timbercreek
CH Brannaway Trivia of Purrquett
Calico Persian
0149-128640 v0884 Jul 9 1982
CH Midas Thunder Head of Pentacle
Black Persian
0108-007398 v111 May 23 1977
CH Prim-Pet Hanky Panky DM
CH Prim-Pet Cloudburst of Midas
Lee's Cobeana of Timbercreek
Red & White Persian
0191-000574 v110 Jul 7 1977
CH Lee's Candy Man
CH Lee's Blanchette
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