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CH Budmar's Annah
(F) Jun 18 1999, 0109-1373390 v0202, Black Persian
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GC Oh Lala's Gianni Versace of Budmar
C.E. White (Black) Persian
0102-1085679 v0698 May 18 1996
GC Hugsalot's Sun Dancer of Oh Lala
Red Tabby Persian
0140-0898458 v1095 Aug 23 1993
CH Bolo's Coty of Hugsalot
Black Persian
0108-0776365 v0294/DEKZV LO 263602 Apr 3 1992
CH Marhei Alex of Heartbeat (of Bolo) DM
CH Cattrax Special Delivery of Bolo DM
GC Bolo's Kiss My Red Bowtie of Hugsalot
Red Tabby Persian
0141-0790565 v0294 Mar 27 1992
Softmagic Big John of Bolo DM
Nantee Cricket of Bolo
CH Katreenas Sweet Sue of Budmar (of Panei)
B.E. White Persian
0101-0835959 v0994 Sep 8 1992
GC Panei's Regis of Debs 24K (of Katreenas)
C.E. White (Black) Persian
0102-0714029 v0892 Apr 24 1991
GC Nak-O-Niche Moonshine of Cinema (of Panei)
GC Panei's Wild Berry
Prideomine Pearle May of Holysmoke(Katreenas)
C.E. White (Black) Persian
0103-0529208 v0490 Jan 6 1989
GC Kitty Charm Sorcerer of Prideomine (Thriller)
Prideomine Estee of Landrie
CH Budmar's Notorious
Black Persian
0109-1107810 v0398 Jul 26 1996
GC, NW Wynden Neiman Marques
Black Persian
0108-0614443 v1092 Jul 21 1990
GC, RW Mystichill On The Marque of Marhei DM
Black Persian
0108-0295530 v0787 / DEKZV 162058 Sep 3 1985
GC Mystichill Junior of Q-T Cats
CH SW '01 S* Seapearls High Q of Mystichill (of Q-T Cats)
CH Jovan Sweet Image of Wynden
Black Persian
0109-0177680 v0887 Apr 9 1983
GC, NW Mystichill Houdini of Jovan DM
GC Oldetyme Double Image of Jovan
GC Budmar's Harley Davidson
Black Persian
0109-0943068 v1195 Jul 25 1994
CH Keeperkit Sunday Matinee of Budmar (of Whozz)
C.E. White (Black) Persian
0102-0874162 v1094 Apr 30 1993
GC, RW Keeperkit Shalimar
CH Earlywinters Starlight of Keeperkit
GC Budmar's Tia Maria DM
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0716826 v1192 Jun 8 1991
GC, RW Comesee Showbiz DM
GC Budmar's Jackie Oh! DM
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