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CH Budmar's Jordan
(F) Jan 16 2005, 1107-1537476 v0808, Blue-White Persian
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Budmar's Coming Out! DM
Blue-White Van Persian
1306-1364402 v0802 Mar 10 2001
GC Candirand's Sweet Escapes of Couronne (Odessa DM
Black-White Persian
1108-1077529 v0798 Apr 11 1996
GC Candirand's Sweet Inspiration
Black-White Persian
1108-0943098 v1295 Jul 29 1994
GC Kitcorp Mighty Sweet
CH Kyaleen Sweet Ecstasy
CH Candirand's Unbridled Passion
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-0921654 v0795/(D)DEKZV 290594 Apr 10 1994
GC Kitcorp Mighty Sweet
Kyaleen Faith of Candirand
Wattkatz Happy Go Lucky of Budmar
Blue-White Van Persian
1307-1264351 v1099 May 22 1998
GC Equinox Spotless of Wattkatz (Couture Cats)
Blue-White Van Persian
1306-0936568 v1295 May 16 1994
GC, NW Equinox Enigma av Elains DM
Anz Nicoalette of Equinox (of Elain)
GC Chatabella's Elle of Wattkatz
Black-White Persian
1109-0926717 v0896 Apr 1 1994
CH Anz Blueberry Hill of Chatabella
CH Chatabella's Like Susie DM
Budmar's Sheridan
Calico Persian
0149-1535248 v0805 Feb 27 2003
GC Couronne Priority Male (of Budmar)
Red-White Persian
1110-1317508 v0202 Jun 10 2000
GC, RW Artemis Ted E. Bear of Couronne
Black Persian
0108-1253176 v0800 Mar 24 1999
CH Artemis Octavian of Lexus
CH Artemis Tess DM
CH Harwood Rio of Couronne
Calico Persian
0149-1221881 v0999 May 13 1998
GC Harwood Renoir
Harwood Kaitlyn
CH Budmar's Annah
Black Persian
0109-1373390 v0202 Jun 18 1999
GC Oh Lala's Gianni Versace of Budmar
C.E. White (Black) Persian
0102-1085679 v0698 May 18 1996
GC Hugsalot's Sun Dancer of Oh Lala
CH Katreenas Sweet Sue of Budmar (of Panei)
CH Budmar's Notorious
Black Persian
0109-1107810 v0398 Jul 26 1996
GC, NW Wynden Neiman Marques
GC Budmar's Harley Davidson
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