Pedigree of:

Cacao Frigg
(F) Jul 29 2011, 3277-2022672, Blue Point Himalayan
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GC Inthewind Invinceable of Cacao DM
Seal Point Himalayan
3272-1675875 May 29 2009
CH Tanglebox's Sugar Rush of Inthewind
Blue-Eyed White CPC
3000-1555413 Jun 25 2005
GC Tanglebox's Dream Quest
Blue-Eyed White CPC
3000-1465060 v0105 Sep 1 2003
Tanglebox's Dream A Lil' Dream
Tanglebox's Gilded Lily
CH Tanglebox's Imagine That! of Mistiff
Seal Point Himalayan
3273-1493304 v0106 May 19 2004
GC Inthewind Dickens of Topknot
CH Kattenbach Wish Come True
GC Inthewind Sparkling Diamond
Blue-Eyed White CPC
3001-1583757 Aug 10 2006
GC, RW Tanglebox's Hot Rod Lincoln
Seal Point Himalayan
3272-1459689 v0505 Jul 15 2003
Tanglebox's Dream A Lil' Dream
PR Rags 2 Richs Starter Kit DM
GC Inthewind Diamond Ice
Blue-Eyed White CPC
3001-1462884 Apr 21 2003
CH Inthewind Sweet Legacy of Cheravels
GC, RW Inthewind Fancy DM
Cacao Modela
Black CPC
3009-1698840 Aug 15 2009
GC Cacao Seabiscuit of Perfectcats
Seal Point Himalayan
3272-1442991 v1204 Mar 16 2003
Montesol Pijazz
Seal Point Himalayan
3272-1397021 v0103 May 27 2001
CH Inthewind Jesse James of Oak Branch
Montesol Jazzmine
Cacao Rhythm of Jude
Calico CPC
3049-1375463 v0603 Sep 22 2001
GC Dalu Harbor Lights of Cacao DM
Kisan's Kilokilo Ke'ale
GC Cacao Expand Your Horizons
Dilute Calico CPC
3019-1607744 Feb 20 2007
GC, RW Cacao Pachelbel Canon
Cream & White Persian
1114-1455234 v0905 May 20 2003
GC Dalu Harbor Lights of Cacao DM
CH Catillak Catera
GC Cacao Gevalia DM
Blue Point Himalayan
3277-1558637 Sep 29 2005
GC HLE Back To The Basics of Cacao
CH Cacao Primrose
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