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CH Cat-A-Poltz Holla Holla of Caleb-Cats
(F) Sep 25 2009, 7787-1683010 v0413, Patched Tabby & White Exotic
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CH Bontiphil Yohan of Countryview
Black Persian
0108-1572540 v1209 Apr 22 2006
GC Fanci Fx Blackjack of Bontiphil
Black Persian
0108-1478968 v1005 Nov 24 2003
GC, RW Fanci Fx Tequila Sunrise DM
Red McTabby Persian
0140M-1231236 v1000 Oct 31 1998
GC Fanci Fx Abracadabra
GC, GP, NW Tehy Reddy-Set-Go! of Weekiltie
GC Tehy Stars 'n Stripes of Fanci Fx DM
Brown Tabby & White Persian
1143-1279555 v0101 Jul 23 1999
Tehy Klondike Bar of Bolo
Bocasana Needles 'N Pins
GC, DW Babuschka's Shade' of Bontiphil
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1407682 v0803 May 30 2002
Babuschka's Platinette of Brigan
Copper-Eyed White Persian
0102-1331185 Sep 20 2000
Vickits Firenza
Jadon Ginger Spice of Eurecat
Babuschka's Paloma
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1162149 v0499 Aug 26 1997
GC, NW Anz Cinnamon Toast of Babuschka
Babuschka's Coco Chanelle of Eripadiso
Psymis My Phair Lady of Cat-A-Poltz
Red & White Exotic
7801-1659481 v1209 Oct 18 2008
CH Purfurvid Cupid of Psymis
Red Tabby & White Exotic
7940-1577723 May 11 2006
CH Parti Wai Ex Plode of Purfurvid
Cream Tabby & White Exotic
7954-1524686 v0506 Nov 13 2004
CH Purfurvid Lillix
Tortoiseshell Exotic
7747-1455624 May 29 2003
Purfurvid Liz Phair of Psymis
Brown Patched Tabby Exotic
7787-1550229 v0107 Jul 20 2005
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