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CH Charcrimson Scribbles of Cattlilak
(M) Sep 22 1987, 1180-0429856 v0290, Cream-White Van Persian
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GC Charcrimson Justin Tyme of Catillak
Cream-White Persian
0190-0237945 v0786 Sep 10 1984
Witchstone Sir Domino
Cream-White Persian
0190-0142194 v1183 May 3 1982
CH Cumm-In Starshine of Bevron
Black Persian
0108-0006149 v108 Apr 15 1975
CH Cumm-In Shiloh Son of Caviar
Cumm-In Misty Lady
Tee-El-Cee Caliope
Calico Persian
0149-0000454 v110 Jun 8 1976
CH Sahara Mi-Tahlima
Cat's Cradle Kelidiscope
Tambi's Sister Kate of Charcrimson
Red Persian
0111-0071842 v0482 Mar 3 1981
Jama Kats Teddy Bear of Tambi
Red Persian
0110-0004424 v111 Jul 30 1977
GC Prim-Pet Brandy Wine of Jama Kats DM
GC Azurey Terry of Surfside
Tambi's Muguet
Cream Persian
0115-007835, v0581 Jan 31 1980
Charbob's Hot Stuff of Tambi
CH Enchant'd Mesa Joy-To-The-World
GC Charcrimson Cover Girl (1983)
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-0166031 v0786 Jul 7 1983
CH Snowhisper Cisco Kid
Black-White Persian
0190-0001619 v0881 Apr 24 1980
CH Wardeen Running Bear
Cream Persian
0114-0009045 v112 Mar 16 1978
GC Allaine Applejack of Wardeen
Jadon Just In Time
Glo-Ho-Bo Sunni Gum Drop
Calico Persian
0149-0000535 v111 May 28 1977
DGC Olde Calico Kan-D-Kane of Glo-Ho-Bo
W-Ali-Baba Karmel of Glo-Ho-Bo
Glencove Swee-Chi of Char Crimson
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0130620 v0883
Janilee This 'N That of Glencove
Cream Persian
0114-0008408 v112 Jun 22 1977
GC, NW Jadon Sundae Kid
CH Miss A-Pache of Janilee
Glencove Shanna
Blue Persian
0107-0014372 v112 Aug 26 1979
CH, RW Babalong Tugalug of Allaine
Allaine Cricket of Glencove
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