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Choc-O-Lotta Missy of L Jolor
(F) Aug 13 2011, 7521-1756482 v0614, Chocolate Exotic
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CH Fancyfriends Enrique of L Jolor
Chocolate Point Exotic
7670-1634587 v0912 Apr 7 2008
Fancyfriends Sir Lancelot
Chocolate Point Persian
3270-1582192 Sep 16 2006
GC Darling Purs Camelot
Chocolate Point Persian
3270-1391662 v1204 Nov 23 2001
UK CH Noradawn Chocolate Warrior
Chocolate Point Persian
3270-1236331 v0799/GCCF CS 392209 v24 Jul 22 1997
UK GC Noradawn Lethal Weapon
Red Point Persian
GCCF CS 211584 Jun 8 1992
Kilnhurst Xtraspecshul
Noradawn Enchantres
Noradawn Foreign Affair
Blue Point Persian
3277-1232248/GCCF CS 319880 Jul 6 1995
UK CH Noradawn ProudAsPunch Toni
Qdpies Cindy's Dream of Noradawn
Darling Purs Kaitlin of Pawdance
Chocolate Point Persian
3271-1267112 v0800 Jun 1 1999
CH Fancyfriends Majek of Darling Purs
Black CPC Persian
3008-1138252 v0499 Apr 15 1997
Kiikatz International Date Line
CH Fancyfriends Confetti
Catzboutique Mollie of Darling Purs
Lilac Point Persian
3275-1164611 v0999 Sep 26 1997
Mr Huckleberry Finn
Purelee Chocolate Twinkie
Fancyfriends My Lips Are Sealed
Seal Point Persian
3273-1403245 v0705 May 26 2002
Darling Purs Cadbury
Chocolate Point Persian
3270-1349576 Feb 21 2001
CH Fancyfriends Mozart of Darling Purs
Blue Point Persian
3276-1205985 v0600 May 16 1998
CH Monday's Pocket Charm
CH Fancyfriends Confetti
Darling Purs Kaitlin of Pawdance
Chocolate Point Persian
3271-1267112 v0800 Jun 1 1999
CH Fancyfriends Majek of Darling Purs
Catzboutique Mollie of Darling Purs
CH Fancyfriends Little Girlie Princess
Seal Lynx Point Persian
3253-1225568 v0899 Jul 19 1998
CH PalaceOfPaws Extra Special of Fancyfriends
Brown Tabby CPC Persian
3044-0915962 v0495 Dec 8 1993
CH Kaybe Special Export of Silval
Blossomaire Bits & Bytes of Silval
CH Fancyfriends Electra of Pawdance
Blue-Cream Lynx Point Persian
3289-1124476 v0798 Apr 9 1997
Kiikatz International Date Line
CH Royalsecret Hot Fudge Sundie
Fancyfriends Good Karma
Seal Point Exotic
7673-1508438 v1106 Oct 9 2004
CH Fancyfriends Lilac Frost
Lilac Point Persian
3274-1354386 v1002 Jun 17 2001
CH Tuleburg Chococat
Chocolate Point Persian
3270-1292454 v0701 Dec 14 1999
CH Tyland California Dreamin'
Chocolate Point Persian
3270-1137170 v0698 Feb 28 1997
CH Bevenlee's Texas Playboy of Tyland
CH Tyland Hello Dolly!
CH Foxy Touch-O-Blueberry
Blue Point Persian
3277-1147810 v0998 Jun 15 1997
GC Homerkits Moosesloose of Foxy
Foxy Sweetness
CH Fancyfriends Fiesta of Newages
Tortie Point Persian
3293-1299882 v0701 May 1 2000
Fancyfriends Sky Line
Blue Lynx Point Persian
3256-1147397 v0699 Jun 21 1997
Kiikatz International Date Line
Fancyfriends Once In A Blue Moon
CH Fancyfriends Confetti
Tortoiseshell CPC Persian
3047-0920059 v0695 Jun 6 1994
Agonistes Sir Dennis of Royalsecret
Fancyfriends Crystal Star
CH Fancyfriends A Star Is Born
Brown Tabby CPC Exotic
7545-1448775 v1104 Jul 6 2003
Agonistes Moviestar of Fancyfriends
Black Persian
0108-1424972 v0703 Jul 16 2002
GC Scrimshaw Ruckus of Kuorii (Agonistes) DM
Black Persian
0108-1325367 v0702 Aug 6 2000
GC, RW Boberan's Shaq Attack of Scrimshaw
GC Agonistes Chaos of Scrimshaw
GC, NW Catsafrats Star Spangled DM
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1366412 v1002 Jun 19 2001
GC, NW Artemis Star Shine of Catsafrats DM
GC Kall 104, Rixxy Rixx of Catsafrats DM
CH Fancyfriends Maya of Laisee
Seal Lynx Point Exotic
7653-1309566 v0602 Jul 22 2000
CH Vision New Edition of Fancyfriends
Seal Point Exotic LH
7698-1254840 May 24 1999
CH PalaceOfPaws Extra Special of Fancyfriends
CH Vision's In Vogue
Fancyfriends Dandiline
Seal Lynx Point Persian
3253-1247450 v0800 Apr 23 1999
Kiikatz Head Liner of Fancyfriends
Fancyfriends Night Line
CH Hirscheez' Chocolate Bliss
Chocolate Persian
3021-1550455 v1006 Apr 13 2005
Hirscheez' Maxx A Million
Cream Tabby CPC Persian
3054-1358284 v0104 May 11 2001
CH Tyland Mozart of Hirscheez
Lilac Persian
3022-1284603 v1200 Apr 16 1999
CH Tyland Route 66
Chocolate Point Persian
3270-1137885 v0898 May 11 1997
CH Tyland Cadbury
Chocolate Point Persian
3270-0944139 v1195 Apr 10 1994
CH Cactusway's Chocolate Madness
Tyland Pixie Dust
CH Kashimoto's Truffles of Tyland
Chocolate Point Persian
3271-0710337 v0991/ DEKZV 182636 Jun 2 1990
Cactusway's Lilac Louie
Homerkits Maggie May of Tyland
Tyland Scheherazade of Techno Cats
Blue CPC Persian
3007-1032855 v0498 Jun 5 1995
CH Cactusway's Chocolate Madness
Chocolate Point Persian
3270-0700541 v0692 Sep 3 1990
My Ty Huckleberry Muffin Man
Cactusway China Doll of Indianhill
Cactusway's Good As Gold of QDPies
Tortoiseshell CPC Persian
3047-0656234 v1091 Aug 12 1990
CH Cactusway's Desert Gold of Dayjue
CH Cactusway's Chocolate Pazazz
Catipurrn Maxine of Hirscheez
Blue Patched Tabby CPC Persian
3089-1345598 v0801 Apr 2 2000
CH Croshka's Five Card Stud of Catipurrn
Cream Point Exotic
3296-1174191 v0399 Jun 24 1997
GC Ladar's Vision Quest of Croshka
Cream Point Persian
3296-1024322 v0597 Nov 10 1995
CH Riell's Sea Breeze of Croshka (Ladar)
CH Ladar's Cream of The Crop of Novastar
GC, PR Prancenpaws Sugar Flakes of Croshka
Cream Point Persian
3297-0950788 v0897 Oct 5 1994
GC, RW Prancenpaws Booster Shot of Envogue DM
Prancenpaws Isabelle
Catipurrn Sweet Georgia Brown
Brown Tabby Persian
0145-1254478 v1000 Nov 17 1998
Barbeedoll's Blue Max
Blue Mackerel Tabby Persian
0152M-1078079 v0798 Jul 25 1996
GC, GP Gatnel Beetlejuice of Barbeedoll (of Sumew)
PaJean's Fudge of Barbeedoll
Riell's Cry Baby of Catipurrn
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1237274 v0399 Jun 23 1997
CH Artemis Arsenio of Lupita ( Riell)
CH Riell's Petite Sirah
Kiikatz Indigo Moon
Blue Point Persian
3277-1461686 May 22 2003
CH Jantana Purple Reign of Kiikatz
Lilac Point Persian
3274-1174781 v1199 Oct 1 1997
CH Yo-Mans This Bud's For Me
Lilac Point Persian
3274-0923500 v0896 May 20 1994
Comesee Blue Baron of Yo-Mans
Blue CPC Persian
3006-0755272 v0792 Aug 16 1990
GC Traum's Regatta DM
Creation Alexandria of Katzone
CH Yo-Mans Silhouette
Blue Point Persian
3277-0802244 v0793 Nov 18 1991
GC Sulltans Silk Pajamas of Kariston
CH Yo-Mans Violette
Jantana Lady Anna
Blue CPC Persian
3007-0791925 v0395 Aug 25 1992
Mirobi's Frosty Dawn of New Dawn
Blue Persian
0106-0485795 v0192 Jul 22 1988
GC Mirobi's Dirty Dingus McGee
CH Mirobi's Faithfully Yours of Gilta
Ms Lilac Lilly of Denbee
Lilac Point Persian
3275-0723562 v0992 Jun 18 1991
CH Yo-Mans Lone Stranger of Jantana
Casa Cato Alexis
CH Kiikatz Mymymydelinela of Katstuff
Tortie Lynx Point Persian
3247-1408817 v1003 Oct 21 2001
GC Keepers Gentleman Jim of Sogo
Flame Point Persian
3278-1151963 v1098 Jul 4 1997
GC, RW Pointaview's Keeper-Of-My Heart
Flame Point Persian
3278-1085864 v0897 May 30 1996
GC Peaceful Paws Walkin The Line DM
GC Pointaview Worth The Wait DM
CH Sandypaws Saved By Grace of Keepers(Ja-Bars)
Flame Lynx Point Persian
3261-1066963 v0597 Feb 29 1996
Copykittens Is That Waldo
Sandypaws Truly Scrumptious
Kiikatz Candy Bars of Katstuff
Brown Tabby Persian
3045-1408809 v0902 Apr 14 1999
GC Kiikatz Power Lines
Seal Lynx Point Persian
3252-0933796 v0895 May 17 1994
CH Peaceful Paws Hot Line of Kiikatz
CH Kiikatz Baby Miracle
CH Katstuff Heshe Bar of Kiikatz
Blue Tabby CPC Persian
3053-1174063 v0999 Jun 24 1997
Fancyfriends Buddah Boy of Kiikatz
Katstuff Zelda The Witch of Kiikatz
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