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Chulpan Beyonce
(F) Aug 11 2013, 7993-1794106, Silver Tabby-White Van Exotic
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Chulpan Festival
Silver Tabby-White Harlequin Exotic
7992-1723794 v0612 Oct 7 2009
IC, WCF Prestega Shawn of Chulpan
Silver Tabby Exotic
7736-1561304 v1206 Oct 25 2005
CH Prestega Night Bandit of Light Air
Black Exotic
7708-1368156 v1104 Jun 19 2001
GC, NW Polcann Make-My-Day of Prestega
Bryn Mawr Betsy Brown of Prestega
Prestega Susan
Silver Patched Tabby Exotic
7785-1506623 v1105 Sep 10 2003
Prestega Tango
Prestega Marquis de Pampadur
Prestega Blue Lagoon of Chulpan
Blue Silver Tabby-White Exotic
7993-1616581 v1207 Apr 12 2006
CH Vannjty's Unbelievable Blue Baby
Blue Tabby-White Exotic
7992-1469725 v0109 Aug 29 2003
Ydem Karamel
CH Vannjty's La Bardot
Prestega Vanessa
Blue Smoke-White Van Exotic LH
7799-1506293 v0406 Jun 20 2002
CH Light Air Bruce Willis of Prestega(Moon Beast
CH Polcann Sweet-Jeans of Prestega
Chulpan Silver Butterfly
Silver Tabby-White Exotic
7993-1782966 v0913 Mar 8 2012
IC Hassellidens Czimbino of Chulpan
Silver Tabby Exotic
7736-1596133 v0508/(S)SVERAK LO 209208 Mar 3 2005
GIP Willangi Snowman
Silver Tabby Exotic LH
(S)SVERAK LO 189142 ((AUS)FCCV(V)21326) Apr 3 2002
GC, PR Mt Hood Silver Nitrate
Mt Hood Sterling Silver of Willangi
Hassellidens Smoke Deza
Black Smoke Exotic
(S)SVERAK LO 193215 Aug 15 2003
IC, S* Hassellidens Silver Giggolo DM (FIFe)
Hassellidens Smoke Ezmira
Doll Like's Ming Shu of Chulpan
Silver Tabby-White Exotic
7993-1630497 v0711 Oct 20 2007
CH, GC Assolux Catica Boogy-Woogy of Doll Like
Black Smoke-White Van Exotic
7796-1514343 v0905 Aug 1 2004
CH, UK GC Catica Cheeto Bandito
CH Catica Beautiful Beta
Doll Like's Arctic Kenia
Silver Patched Tabby-White Exotic
7987-1600848 v1207 Sep 13 2006
Doll Like's Sayan
Doll Like's Aysulun
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