Pedigree of:

Chulpan Ghanna of Mellowcherry
(F) Nov 8 2009, 7835-1708449 v0611, Blue Silver Tabby Exotic
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IC, WCF Hassellidens Silver Czimbino of Prime Fancy
Silver Tabby Exotic
7736-1596133 v0508/SVERAK LO 209208 Mar 3 2005
GIP Willangi Snowman
Silver Tabby Exotic LH
(S)SVERAK LO 189142 ((AUS)FCCV(V)21326) Apr 3 2002
GC, PR Mt Hood Silver Nitrate
Silver Tabby Exotic
7736-1190381 v0100 Feb 18 1998
GC Mt Hood Etch-A-Sketch
Larpa Katie
Mt Hood Sterling Silver of Willangi
Silver Tabby Exotic LH
7737-1372188 / 7737-1372186GC05 Dec 31 2000
Mt Hood Magic Man
Mt Hood Lolita
Hassellidens Smoke Deza
Black Smoke Exotic
(S)SVERAK LO 193215 Aug 15 2003
IC, S* Hassellidens Silver Giggolo DM (FIFe)
Silver Spotted Tabby Exotic
(S) SVERAK LO 157466/(D)DEKZV 306223 May 21 1999
S* Hassellidens Silver Occimio
S* Shiraz Jackie
Hassellidens Smoke Ezmira
Black Smoke Exotic
(S)SVERAK LO 181427 May 13 2002
EC Bycal's Challenger of Lankhara
S* Chasing Silver Singha
LTD. Choice Sweet Sensation
Blue Silver Patched Tabby Exotic
7837-1577929 v0808 May 30 2006
LTD. Choice Light My Fire
Silver Tabby Exotic
7736-1562429 May 16 2005
CH, AUS GC Willangi Star of US of LTD Choice
Silver Tabby Exotic
7736-1501125/V21327 Apr 3 2002
GC, PR Mt Hood Silver Nitrate
Mt Hood Sterling Silver of Willangi
Hassellidens Silver Shimea
Blue Silver Tabby Exotic
7835-1529775 Mar 13 2003
GIP Willangi Snowman
Hassellidens Smoke Ezmira
Hohenbuchau Blue Belle
Blue Silver Patched Tabby Exotic LH
7799-1477068 v0405 Jul 10 2003
CH Tenra's Powerful Staff
Silver Tabby Exotic
7736-1449470 v0304 Sep 5 2002
Kikicat Revelation
CH Tenra's Sam Sent An Angel
CH Joleigh's Fairy Queen of Hohenbuchau
Silver Tabby-White Persian
1137-1394388 v0304 Jan 2 2002
GC, RW Joleigh's Little Man-Of-Thee Hour DM
Quadpaws Carmella Cream of Joleigh
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