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D'Eden Lover Mr. Jingles of DoubleJ
(M) Jun 21 2016, 0110-2386552, Red Persian
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GC, DW D'Eden Lover Gipps of Fare DM
Red McTabby Persian
0140M-1721532 v0812 Apr 5 2011
GC, BW, NW Melositos White Owl of D'Eden Lover DM, COTY
Copper-Eyed White Persian
0102-1544457 v0308 Aug 2 2005
Boberan's Black Spade of Melositos
Black Persian
0108-1428311 v0304 Mar 15 2003
GC Boberan's Wild Night DM
GC, RW Boberan's Misty Blue
Kitty Charm Moonwinds of Melositos
Copper-Eyed White Persian
0103-1430521 v1005 Sep 24 2002
GC, NW Kitty Charm Windchill DM
GC Kitty Charm Moon Maid
GC, DW D'Eden Lover Above Stars of Kuorii DM
Brown Patched Tabby Persian
1145-1510813 v1005 Sep 5 2004
DW D'Eden Lover My Sexy Toy
Red McTabby Persian
0140M-1418741 v0903 Aug 20 2002
Kuorii Dream Weaver of D'Eden Lover
D'Eden Lover Sam-Sarah
DW D'Eden Lover N-Compare 2'u
Black Persian
0109-1462061 v1204 Jul 18 2003
Kuorii Dream Weaver of D'Eden Lover
D'Eden Lover Madonna
D'Eden Lover Iloa
Brown Patched Tabby & White Persian
1187-1794128 v0615 Oct 17 2013
GC Astral Charm Rumour Has It
Cream & White Persian
1114-1742464 v0813 Oct 14 2011
GC Candirand Razzle of Astral Charm DM
Red Tabby & White Persian
1140-1413363 v0204 Jun 15 2002
GC Candirand's Somebody Slap Me
GC Candirand's Priceless Scandal DM
Astral Charm Precious O'Paddy
Red Tabby & White Persian
1141-1697772 v0212 Mar 17 2010
GC Sho-Dazzler Tom Petty
GC, RW Astral Charm Precious Spirit DM
CH D'Eden Lover Madame Kennedy
Brown Tabby & White Persian
1143-1509690 v0706 Jul 25 2004
Candirand's Charlie Brown
Brown McTabby & White Persian
1142-1426836 v0804 Sep 10 2002
GC, RW Candirand's Blast From The Past DM
Bekah Ashleigh of Candirand DM
D'Eden Lover Baccara
Black & White Persian
1109-1401556 v1003 Jan 25 2002
GC Tehy Martini of Kuorii
Kuorii Moonlight Kiss
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