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GC Designerpurr AZ Jax of Purrden Me
(M) Apr 19 2005, 1108-1533473 v0906, Black & White Persian
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GC Parti Wai Love Bug of Designerpurr
Black & White Persian
1108-1412139 v1004 Jun 10 2002
GC Chubbies Samual of Parti Wai
Red & White Persian
1110-1325335 Aug 10 2000
GC Kissables Calvin Klein
Black & White Persian
1108-1226898 v0100 Aug 6 1998
CH Tehy Cheshire Grin of Kissables
CH Oresta Silver Lining of Parti Wai
Maraul's Lil Bit-Of-Faith of Chubbies
Cream & White Persian
1115-1284270 v1100 May 21 1999
Parti Wai What's Not To Love
Blue & White Persian
1107-1366356 v0602 Apr 18 2001
CH Frenchcats Nimbus of Parti Wai DM
Blue & White Van Persian
1306-1027578 v0197 May 1 1995
GC Frenchcats Anzestry
CH Anz La Marquise De Frenchcats
GC Framor's Madonna of Phyxius
Black Persian
0109-1268073 v1100 Jun 11 1999
CH Lexus Night Hawk of Pazofpurity
GC Framor's Bounce Back
CH Designerpurr Diori By Design
Blue & White Persian
1107-1473730 v0605 Aug 30 2003
CH Bakkarra's Touche of Designerpurr
Blue & White Van Persian
1306-1146272 v0999 May 18 1997
GC Oresta's Purry Mason of Bakkarra
Red & White Persian
1110-899131 v0695 Dec 4 1994
CH PaJean's Curious George of Oresta
GC Oresta's Miss Marple DM
Marmondy Marzipan of Bakkarra
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-919763 v0695 Oct 6 1992
CH Oakway Gigolo
MasnPas Painted Daisy of Marmondy
CH Debon Only A Whisper
Van Dilute Calico Persian
1185-1376826 v1103 Aug 6 2001
Katzenfur Cutie Pie of Kitty Acres
Blue & White Van Persian
1306-1257150 v1000 Jan 17 1999
GC Maraul I'll Be Jammin of Katzenfur
CH Custom Claws Electra-Fyyng
Debon Count Me In of Catalina Way
Van Dilute Calico Persian
1185-1374314 v1201 Aug 6 2000
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