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Diamond Rain's Rada of De Lindar
(F) Jun 6 2013, 0101-1795079, B.E. White Persian
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CH Noblessa's Top Secret of Diamond Rain
O.E. White Persian
0104-1710411 v0512 May 18 2010
GC Noblessa's Infusion
O.E. White Persian
0104-1575328 v1008 May 8 2006
GC Noblessa's Absolut
Noblessa's Water Lily
Noblessa's White Cap
O.E. White Persian
0105-1496698 v0106 May 12 2004
CH Noblessa's Pressed For Time
CH Noblessa's Conchita
GC Noblessa's Red Hot Chilly Pepper
Red Persian
0111-1765911 Jun 20 2012
Noblessa's Nordic Night
C.E. White Persian
0102-1582841 v0108 Jul 12 2005
GC Artemis Moondancer
GC, NW Noblessa's Get On Board
Kissables Kiss Me Kate of Noblessa
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1652663 v0910 Apr 5 2008
GC Kissables Like Manna From Heaven
The Catwalk Olivia of Kingdomkatz (Kissables)
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