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GC Dockside High Tide of Lark Hill
(M) Feb 24 2002, 1306-1403239 v0903/ (N) NRR LO 132363, Blue-White Van Persian
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(N) Frisco Lille Panda
Brown Tabby-White Van Persian
(N) NRR LO 127599 May 20 2000
Mr. Dag Finn av Kan (N)
Red-White Van Persian
(N) NRR LO 125 180 Apr 18 1999
Bolo's One Size Fits All
Black-White Persian
1108-0932904 /(N)NRR LO 113067 May 9 1994
GC Rubyrose Lightning Bolt of Bolo
Bolo's Pixie
EC, S* Bocasana's Jennifer
Calico Van Persian
(N)NRR LO 118108 / (S)SVERAK LO 140378 Aug 18 1996
IC, S* Harwood Van Johnson
Dearborn On My Mind of Bocasana DM (FIFe)
CH, S* Snowdrop's Liselill
Blue Tabby-White Persian
(N) NRR LO 126492 /(S)SVERAK LO 159359 Aug 14 1999
IC, S* Snowdrop's For Pleasure
Black-White Harlequin Persian
(S)SVERAK LO 144303/(D)DEKZV 280341 Apr 3 1997
GIC, S* Bocasana's A Promise Kept
S* Snowdrop's Against All Odds
IC, S* Bocasana's Eye To Eye
Blue Tabby-White Persian
(S) SVERAK LO 137518 Mar 9 1996
GC, GIC Vickits Diamante of Bocasana
Dearborn On My Mind of Bocasana DM (FIFe)
Panda av Baune
Black-White Van Persian
1309-1400340 v0103/(N) NRR LO 127905 Jun 26 2000
Artemis Limited Edition
Blue Tabby-White Van Persian
1306-1243113/(N)NRRLO124668/SVERAK159359 Nov 1 1998
Angtini Charm of Aristochats (Artemis)
Black-White Van Persian
1308-1218377 v0599 Aug 18 1997
GC Polcann Tuxedo of Artemis
GC, RW Pansypatch Charmin of Angtini (Artemis) DM
Artemis Yippee Skippy
Dilute Calico Van Persian
1185-1077940 v0996 May 27 1995
CH Pansypatch's Playboy
Rubyrose Good News of Artemis
IC Graffiti av Baune
Black-White Harlequin Persian
(N) NRR LO 124691 Apr 15 1999
EC Rob Roy av Kan CG
Black-White Van Persian
(N) NRR LO 118822 Mar 19 1997
Bolo's One Size Fits All
S* Bocasana's Break My Heart
Artemis Shardonn av Baune
Blue-White Persian
CFA 1107-1058538 / (N) NRR LO 117028 Oct 27 1994
Artemis Moonraker
Rubyrose Good News of Artemis
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