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Donegal's Murainn
(F) May 16 2000, 3289-1329044, Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
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Donegal's Shadow-Of-Finnian Angel
Lilac Point Himalayan
3274-1190709 Mar 12 1998
Newdestiny's Finnian Barry of Donegal
Lilac Point Himalayan
CH Newdestiny's Total Eclipse
Black CPC
3008-969687 v0196 Sep 5 1994
CH Purrinpaws Totally Bodacious
CH Newdestiny's Taylor Made
CH Bellemoggie's Little Brittany
Chocolate CPC
3021-576121 v1192 May 14 1989
Edgewater Choco Mousse of Bevenlee
Littlereno's Cupid's Delight
Fur Pleasure's Angel of Donegal
Lilac Point Himalayan
CH Purelee's Ka-Bluee! of Fur Pleasure
Blue CPC
3006-1007694 v0796 Feb 8 1995
Lejardin's Chocolate Wow!
CH Ashtin Tabbi Tabby of Purelee
Lilas Mauve of Decur
Lilac Point Himalayan
3275-936256 v0495 Mar 15 1994
CH Perseus Pulcherimus of Shurwin
Chiasta Serenade Blue
Cajungems My Diamond Girl
Tortie Point Himalayan
GC Mymark Kamikaze of Cajungems
Cream Point Himalayan
3296-719045 v0593 Jun 10 1991
GC Cacao Pointless of Montesol
Cream CPC
3014-341195 v0188 Jun 16 1986
CH, PR HLE Elisha
Cacao Pitfall
GC DeMiara's Lisianthus of Mymark
Tortie Point Himalayan
3293-627558 v0891 Apr 10 1990
GC DeMiara's Sweet Basil of Northshore DM
CH, GP DeMiara's Honeysuckle of Enfant
CH Kisicats Tiramisu of Cajungems
Tortie Point Himalayan
3293-962208 v0896 Sep 5 1994
GC DeMiara's Sweet Basil of Northshore DM
Seal Point Himalayan
3272-486062 v1189 Jul 23 1988
GC DeMiara's Cosmos DM
CH DeMiara's Chiquita Bacana DM
CH Kisicats Sparkler
Cream Point Himalayan
3297-636897 v1091 May 10 1990
GC Kisicats's Tequila Sunrise
CH Kisicats Miss Firecracker of Teahs
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