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UK CH Dylan of Allington
(M) Jul 24 1949, GCCF 48934 v10-11, Colorbred Blue Persian
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UK CH Southway Crusader
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 36489 SB# 3330 v9 / 57-SB-156 v57 May 11 1945
UK CH Dickon of Allington
Blue Persian
GCCF 32866 SB# 3300 v9 Jun 16 1939
Masterpiece of Allington
UK CH Fortune Miranda
Southway Whiz
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 33201 SB #3415 v9 Jul 1 1939
Speedwell Bootles
Pekeholm Pierrette
UK CH Mair of Allington
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 39120 SB#3394 v11 Jun 18 1946
UK CH Deebank Michael
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 34173 SB# 3297 v9 Sep 2 1943
UK CH Ace of Pensford
UK CH Glenshee Gloria
UK CH V.E. Day of Allington
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 36221 SB# 3431 v9 Jul 25 1944
UK CH Dickon of Allington
Silver Merle
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