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Emeripom Pearl Dream Come True
(F) Aug 23 1989, 0149-584919, Calico Persian
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CH Emeripom Dream Weaver of Mutsu
Cream & White Persian
0190-452054 v0988 Sep 8 1987
CH Connection Lord Looney Tune
Blue & White Persian
0190-124271 v0883 Apr 21 1982
CH Spalding Samba of Lasolahs
Black & White Persian
1180-000069 v0681 Apr 5 1980
Shimea Morning Sunshine
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-068796 v0682
Mu-A Tune Polly Atche of Gran-Ellen
Calico Persian
0149-277381 v0986 Jun 1 1985
Mu-A Tune Just A Clown
Black & White Persian
0190-211320 v1184 Feb 10 1983
Marnalea's Betsy Ross of Mu-A Tune
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-213712 v0785 May 7 1984
CH Emeripom Flash Back
Calico Persian
0149-418080 v0588 May 25 1987
CH Marnalea's Playboy of AJ
Red Persian
0110-226778 v0785 May 7 1984
Dania's Honeyboy of Shauntay
Black Persian
0108-130993 v0783 Jul 15 1981
GC Pegsden On Parade of Rambo DM
CH Dania A Summer Nights Dream
Black Bluff Liberty Belle of Yak
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-125231 v1183 Jul 7 1982
GC, NW Prim-Pet Yankee Doodle Dandy DM
GC Black Bluff Penelope
Snowdust Flash Dancer of Emeripom
Calico Persian
0149-343976 v0687
Linken Pinfold of Snowdust
Red Persian
Rambo's Cherished Song of Snowdust
Calico Persian
0149-253543 v0886 May 21 1984
GC, NW Rambo's I Love A Parade
Miss Athena
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