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CH EmisHimi Liberty of Kurtn Klimer
(F) Jul 4 2000, 3253-1311590 v0901, Seal Lynx Point Persian
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CH EmisHimi Spring Dan-D-Line
Seal Lynx Point Persian
3252-1245610 v0800 Apr 2 1999
GC Peaceful Paws Trueline of La Bur (Puffstuff)
Seal Lynx Point Persian
3252-1131036 v1298 Mar 23 1997
GC Peaceful Paws A Touch-Of-Tabby
Seal Lynx Point Persian
3252-0849995 v0994 Apr 15 1993
GC Peaceful Paws The Good Times Roll
Cream Point Persian
3296-0305407 v0587 Jan 31 1986
GC Twinshire Snap Shot of Sangralee
CH Peaceful Paws Sunkiss
GC Peaceful Paws Pipeline DM
Seal Lynx Point Persian
3253-0723952 v1192 May 24 1991
Peaceful Paws Top of The Line
Peaceful Paws Plain Jane
GC Peaceful Paws Cotton Blend
Seal Point Persian
3273-0964120 v1096 Oct 17 1994
GC, RW Sandilair's Walkin' In High Cotton
Seal Point Persian
3272-0656285 v0392 Aug 1 1990
GC Sandilair's Just A Mere Mirage
CH Purringwood's Embers 'N Ashes
CH Peaceful Paws Ain't She Sweet
Seal Point Persian
3273-0859143 v0195 Jul 1 1993
GC Demiara's Sweet Talk of Playwickey
GC Peaceful Paws Between The Lines
CH EmisHimi Sophie's Choyce
Seal Point Persian
3273-1132483 v1098 Apr 20 1997
GC Sandypaws Huge Boy of Puffstuff (Eraser)
Seal Point Persian
3272-0962321 v0496 Jun 6 1994
GC Sandypaws Rapid Fire of Jaemak
Flame Point Persian
3278-0860068 v0594 Mar 2 1993
CH, PR Sandypaws Battle Hymn
CH Domain's Hot Lips Houlihan
CH Sandypaws I Love You Truly
Blue Lynx Point Persian
3257-0860070 v0994 Apr 29 1993
CH Sandypaws Rhinestone Cowboy
Sandypaws Tazzmo
Acompany Turbo Plus of Emishimi
Seal Point Persian
3273-1021343 v0896 May 3 1995
Jlyn Stormy of Chumaly
Black CPC Persian
3008-0860814 v0595 Jul 1 1992
Jlyn Tyson
Jlyn Little Bridgette
CH Tuckota Sand+Sable
Tortie Point Persian
3293-0668772 v0492(Tuckota Sand + Sable) Jun 25 1990
Micarco Red Heat of Tuckota
Tuckota Milky Way
Kurtn Klimer Lil' Opal of Emishimi
Blue-Cream CPC Persian
3051-1253475 v0800 Apr 14 1999
CH Pts.Ofgrace Spencer of Kurtn Klimer
Flame Point Persian
3278-1132997 v0398 Feb 19 1997
CH Highlandkatz Teenager In Love
Blue Point Persian
3276-0928473 v0896 Mar 31 1994
CH Grecco's Rumor Has It
Seal Point Persian
3272-0834909 v0194 Sep 28 1992
Heavensent Casanova of 4 Him (Grecco)
CH Heavensent Rave of 4 Him (Grecco) DM
Highlandkatz St. Pauli Girl
Blue-Cream CPC Persian
3051-0813705 v0894 Sep 24 1992
CH Highlandkatz Sharper Image
Highlandkatz Dancing With The Devil
Elshaddai's Jubilee of Pts.OfGrace
Tortie Point Persian
3293-1026624 v1096 Aug 4 1995
GC Callyn's Eyes-Cicle of Solarwinds (Elshaddai)
Cream Point Persian
3296-0719665 v1293 Apr 24 1991
CH Myshadows Mesmer-Eyes of Callyn
CH Silky China Doll of Callyn DM
CH Elshaddai's Shooting Star
Seal Point Persian
3273-0885357 v0695 Jun 30 1993
CH Elshaddai's Celestial Celebration
Elshaddai's Evenstar of Nahfoura
Steeplechase Elizabeth Jane
Blue Persian
0107-0898970 v1095 Aug 16 1993
CH Jonala Love Potion No. 9
C.E. White Persian
0102-0810400 v1093 Jun 30 1992
GC, NW Jonala Chaz DM
C.E. White Persian
0102-0465354 v1089 Apr 12 1988
GC, RW Marhei MacMillion of Jonala DM
Caropur Carolina Doll of Jonala
GC Softmagic Sudden Splendor of Jonala
O.E. White Persian
0105-0650088 v0792 Mar 28 1990
GC, NW Jonala Chaz DM
GC, RW Softmagic's Star Sweeper
CH Rugbug Midnight Magic
Black Persian
0109-0783701 v0793 Feb 9 1992
GC, RW Marsamis The Wizard of Lil'Miracles
Blue Persian
0106-0378085 v1188 Feb 7 1987
GC, RW Casimar's Alakazam DM
CH, GP Katrina's Tinsel of Mountroyal (of Marsamis) DM
CH Rugbug Priscilla
Black Persian
0109-0657140 v0392 Apr 24 1990
GC Kiskat Salem Spirit of Steeplechase
Dania Pic-A-Dilly of Rugbug
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