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Fluffykins Hershette
(F) Oct 6 2015, FQ17/16QC5562, Chocolate CPC
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DGC Fluffykins Soulmate
Black CPC
Loretto National Treasure
Copper-Eyed White Persian

Fluffykins Heaven Sent
Tortie Point Himalayan
GC Fluffykins Kiara
Tortoiseshell CPC
12QC2170 Nov 17 2011

Daycara Bachi Valentino
Lilac CPC
07N160529QC08 Aug 2 2007
EngCH Rosegarth Seraglio
Lilac CPC
GCCF CS 580001 N06
EngCH Rosegarth Samarkkand
Rosegarth Mandelay
DCH Lavatera Am Exceptional Too
Lilac Point Himalayan
NZ CH Wildfire Radio Dancer
Lavatera Darlin' I'm Exceptional
Fluffykins Showgirl
Copper-Eyed White CPC

Loretto National Treasure
Copper-Eyed White Persian

Takatsu Tina Sparkles
Flame Point Himalayan
08N160706QQC08 Oct 10 2007
Takatsu Cracker Jack
Takatsu Belle
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