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Fur Pleasure's Crystal of Lake Hyco
(F) Feb 15 1997, 3023-1121396 v0898, Lilac CPC
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CH Purelee's Ka-Bluee! of Fur Pleasure
Blue CPC
3006-1007694 v0796 Feb 8 1995
Lejardin's Chocolate Wow!
Chocolate Point Himalayan
3270-894710 v1094 Apr 20 1993
Mr Blue Boy of Bellagato
Blue Point Himalayan
3276-509673 v0689 Jun 14 1988
Nav-E-Way's Strike Up The Band
Kirakan Tibetan Tibs
Diana (of LeJardin)
Chocolate Point Himalayan
3271-629624 v0890 Apr 19 1989
Cactusway's Cocoa Boy
CH Ashtin Tabbi Tabby of Purelee
Brown Tabby Persian
0145-792006 v0794 May 28 1992
CH Make'n Waves of Ashtin
Brown Tabby & White Persian
0198-555953 v0790 May 25 1989
CH Iran's Timeless Toby of Chancery
CH Stratcats Vision of Tropikats
CH Stratcats Brite Nite
Black Persian
0109-479969 v0790 May 5 1988
GC Midas Charmer of Caldera
GC Genie's Lamp Nightglow of Stratcats
Lilas Mauve of Decur
Lilac Point Himalayan
3275-936256 v0495 Mar 15 1994
CH Perseus Pulcherimus of Shurwin
Lilac Point Himalayan
3274-761687 v0693 May 27 1991
CH Puffyfluff's Lilac Legacy
Lilac Point Himalayan
3274-581037 v0790 May 21 1989
Kimkit's Captain Nemo of Sekots
CH Puffyfluff's Lilac Heather
Penelope's Persephone Pulcheria
Blue Point Himalayan
3277-689111 v0492 Mar 22 1990
Whisperwood's Blue Sunbeam
Penelope Pulcheria
Chiasta Serenade Blue
Blue Point Himalayan
3277-593205 v0690 Apr 1 1989
Wickens' Raisin' Kain
Blue Point Himalayan
3276-405762 v0190 Apr 24 1987
CH Eclipse Theodorable of Wickens
CH Wickens' Nicole
Chiasta Plum Pudding
Lilac Point Himalayan
0175-156308 v0885 Mar 29 1983
Heavenlypaws Shimo of Robrick
Chiasta Blueberry Muffin
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