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CH, ACFA GC Genie's Lamp Obsidian of Trentland
(M) Nov 16 1983, 0108-0176658 v1284, Black Persian
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GC Laneen Carbon Copy
Black Persian
0108-0051038, v0182 Aug 30 1980
Bar-B Great White Hope of Treetop
C.E. White Persian
0102-0009723 v111
CH Flo-Sher Spellbound of Bar-B
Black Persian
0108-0006621 v109 Apr 12 1976
CH Flo-Sher Black Magic
GC, RW Flo-Sher Kim of Sta-Mar
GC Larks-Purr L'Oreal of Bar-B
C.E. White Persian
0103-0012285 v110 Jun 18 1976
CH Larks-Purr Bryan
CH Dior's Delta Lady of Wynsome
An-Do Bat Lady of Laneen
Blue Persian
0107-0013936 v0181
CH Zoda Zephyr of Merchant
Blue Persian
0106-0004747 v103 Sep 25 1969
GC Zoda Mon Ami Pierrot
Wimauma Poppet of Zoda
Seabrook Sugar Bear of An-Do
Blue Persian
0107-0006861 v106 Feb 10 1972
CH Co-Mc's Woolly Bear of Tabrook
Pretty Angel of Seabrook
An-Do Gussie Lee of Genie's Lamp
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0014876 v0483 Mar 4 1980
Le-Hi Elmer Fudd of An-Do
Cream Persian
0114-0008258 v111/DEKZV 120434 May 10 1977
CH An-Do Batman of Genie's Lamp
Blue Persian
0106-0009196 v108/DEKZV 061567 Aug 27 1974
CH Zoda Zephyr of Merchant
Seabrook Sugar Bear of An-Do
Freis-Cream's Surprise of Le-Hi
Cream Persian
0115-0004678 v108 Oct 8 1974
Kristica's Chevas of Freis-Cream
CH Stiefel Kater Mocha of Freis-Cream
An-Do Princess Anne
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0010096 v110 Aug 7 1976
An-Do Little Sir Echo of Conloy
C.E. White Persian
0102-0006800 v107
GC Vagabond Little Sir Echo
Cotton Top of An-Do
An-Do Lady Grace
Cream Persian
0115-0004898 v108
Zoda Beau-Ti of An-Do
Seabrook Prissy Missy of An-Do
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