Pedigree of:

Gentlehart Tess Truhart of Citnkboodles
(F) May 17 1990, 0147-0622776 v0492/DEKZV LO 263605, Tortoiseshell Persian
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CH Toshika Brea Shane of Gentlehart
Red-White Persian
1110-0502290 v1289 Jul 10 1988
GC Copacats Freddy of Toshika (of Rosepuff) DM
Red Tabby-White Persian
1192-0331178 v0488 May 10 1986
GC Copacats Face The Music
Black Persian
0108-0218075 v0186 May 27 1984
GC Lullaby About Face of South Paw DM
CH Jovan Daddy's Girl of Q-T Cats
CH Felinefrolic's Mariah of Copacats
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-0135171 v0584 / DEKZB. Nr.:139571 Sep 8 1982
CH Tabbyland Transient of Rah
CH Christipaul Penny-Ante
Shimea Brandie of Nantee
Cream Persian
0115-0400290 v0488 Dec 10 1986
GC, RW Shimea High Voltage DM
Cream Persian
0114-0174443, v1184 Jul 17 1983
GC, NW Bar-B T.N.T. DM
Mystichill Pop Tart of Shimea
Shimea Tasia
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0328002 v1186 Nov 29 1983
CH Flo-Sher Spellbound of Bar-B
CH Shimea Fantasia
GC Gentlehart Hope Springs Eternal
Blue Persian
0107-0429891 v0690 Oct 2 1987
CH Penhill Blue Thunder
Blue Persian
0106-0321758 v1087 Oct 28 1985
CH Penhill Night Hawk of Lowlands
Black Persian
0108-0230199 v1285 Jan 10 1984
GC Mystichill Miracle of Meadowood DM
CFF QCH Mystichill Tomboy of Penhill
Penhill Annie of Lukatz
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0253860 v0585/1.DEKZV: 140557 Sep 10 1983
CH Mystichill The Wiz Kid of Penhill
Penhill Rainbow
GC Penhill Black Beauty of Gentlehart
Black Persian
0109-0329097 v1187 Feb 11 1986
CH Bar-B Touchdown of Penhill
Black Persian
0108-0227941 v0186 Jun 25 1984
GC, NW Bar-B T.N.T. DM
GC Bar-B Baugh Baugh Black Sheep
CH Penhill Miss Kennedy The Lady
Blue Persian
0107-0140262 v0584 Oct 12 1982
CH Mystichill The Wiz Kid of Penhill
CFF QCH Mystichill Tomboy of Penhill
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