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Gra-Stone's Lady Zane of Vi-Jon
(F) Feb 2 1952, 65-SB-449 v65, Colorbred Blue Persian
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Periwinkle Patriot of Hiawatha (Gra-Stone)
Colorbred Blue Persian
30-SB-967 v32/ ACA 23928 Jul 4 1946
CH Herondale Mario of Blu-Acre
Colorbred Blue Persian
26-SB-168 v28 Jul 13 1943
CH Callavorn Treatise of Herondale
Periwinkle Caprice of Herondale
Periwinkle Fleur d'Esperance
Colorbred Blue Persian
28-SB-849 v30 /ACFA P12-S55-983 Jul 3 1944
GC Woodchurch Periwinkle
Dixi-Land Periwinkle
Rosemont Bela of Gra-Stone (Smallhurst)
Colorbred Blue Persian
71-SB-160 v71 / ACA 19552 Jul 30 1946
Eden's Joey Boy
Colorbred Blue Persian
29-SB-733 v31 May 21 1945
CH Dixi-Land Valiant of Eden
Kansas City Blue Melody of Eden
Jinx of The Tower
Colorbred Blue Persian
29-SB-395 v31 Mar 19 1944
CH Beau Barry Tuttle of The Tower
The Tower's Pale Moon
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