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GC Hadfields Mommys Boy
(M) Mar 22 2002, 7540-1415030, Red Tabby Exotic
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FIFE CH Ormeryds Austin
Red McTabby Exotic
7740M-1323254 v1103/CS 490648 Feb 29 2000
GIC Vannjty Only For Your Eyes
Black Persian
0108-1109764 v0898 Sep 2 1996
GC, RW Mossrose Brandy Alexander
Red Tabby Persian
0140-873777 v1095 Jul 15 1993
GC Bal-Ros Pric-Tom
CH Mossrose Peach Brandy of Farallon
Kitjim's Brenna of Melody
Black Persian
0109-956769 v1095 Aug 25 1994
GC, NW Kitjim's Bittersweet Harvest
CH Gatnel's Jo Momma
Ormeryds Juliette Di Roberti
Blue Patched Spotted Tabby Exotic
7789S-1256812/SVERAK 151967 Jun 1 1998
CH No Comment Lion King
Cream Tabby Exotic
7754-1035388 Sep 1 1995
GC Zoticats Mr T of No Comment
Yquem Sparkle Eyes of No Comment
GIC, PR Ormeryds Yvette
Brown Tabby Exotic
7745-1256064 v0500 Feb 11 1997
Yquem Mezcal FiFe DM
GIC Athelstones Gossip FiFe DM
EngCH Hadfields Tommys Girl
Cream CPC
GCCF 389078 Oct 20 1997
No Contest Tommy Knocker
Cream CPC
GCCF CS 378815 Sep 18 1996
GC Maylor Red Robin
Flame Point Himalayan
3278-1022870 / GCCF CS 428774 Apr 10 1995
GC, RW Fullmoon's Joe Montana
CH Maylor Sugar Twin
No Contest Little Sister
Tortoiseshell CPC
Pandarus Barbie Doll
Blue-Cream Persian
GCCF CS 348931 Aug 16 1996
EngCH Levina Buckwheat
Cream Persian
GCCF CS 177471 v24 Jun 10 1991
Noradawn Dusty Darling
Blue-Cream Persian
GCCF CS 208180 May 14 1992
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