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CH Halloween's Love Bug
(M) Oct 4 1980, 0110-0063381 v0683/P14-S81-6251, Red Persian
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CH, ACFA GC K-Bar-O Shadow of Mizekatz
Black Persian
0108-0007346 v110 / ACFA P13-S77-2874 Nov 14 1976
CH Surrey Hill Chopper of Etruscan
Cream Persian
0114-0006733 v108 Feb 4 1975
GC, NW Surrey Hill Desi DM
Black Persian
0108-0004623 v107/(DE)DEKZV RX 013961 Jul 1 1973
GC Shennen Desert Cloud of Prim-Pet DM
GC, RW Prim-Pet Good Luvin of Surrey Hill
Shennen Red Robin of Surrey Hill
Red Persian
0111-0001820 v106 May 25 1972
Shennen Desert Sunshine
CH Shennen Stacey
Carojon Sweet Charity of K-Bar-O
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0004790 May 10 1973
CH Kari's Candy Apple of Sundowner
Red Persian
0110-0001480 v105 Jun 1 1969
CH, QCH Kitturah's Mr. Chips of Kari
Peppermint Patti of Kari
GC Stonybrook Shaherazade
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0002445 v105 Jan 20 1969
GC, CCA GC Stonybrook Lam
CH, CCA CH Stonybrook Marylyn
Pau-Line's Saphira of Halloween
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0009419 v110 / ACFA P73-S77-2874 May 12 1976
CH, ACFA CH Anise Shalom of Gull's
Cream Persian
0114-0005135 v106/ ACFA P15-S77-5012 Apr 18 1973
CH Dawn-Dee Easy Rider of Olde Adobe
Cream Persian
0114-0003984 v105 Sep 23 1971
CH Woodland Goldbrick of Dawn-Dee (of No Name)
CH Smithway Kaleidoscope of Dawn-Dee
Phoenician Koinone (of Three Angels)
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0004847 v105 May 17 1971
CH, RM ACFA GC Desert Cove Sandstorm of Dawn-Dee
CH Dunhowa Indigo of Phoenician
ACFA DCH Kimbel's Bathsheba
Black Persian
ACFA P13-S73-1200 Aug 3 1982
CH Negav's Abduhl Subhi of Sa-Bin
Black Persian
0108-0002227 v102/ACFA P13-S68-1825 Mar 29 1968
CH, QCH Shah-An-Shah Jobran of Sahara
Ahamo's Mekada of Negav(Makeda in ACFA)
Sa-Bin's Khedri of Kim-Bel
Black Persian
P13-S71-2575 ACFA
CH Negav's Abduhl Subhi of Sa-Bin
Ivywood Riza Al-Essa of Sa-Bin
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