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Harwood Topaz of Marhei
(F) May 3 1983, 0149-0174875 v0784, Calico Persian
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CH Viran's Diamond Jim of Harwood
Blue-White Persian
0190-0001341 v0981 Jul 22 1979
Prim-Pet Spanky of Chers (of Viran)
Blue Persian
0106-0013258 v111 Mar 18 1978
CH, ACFA TGC Prim-Pet Hanky Panky DM
Blue Persian
0106-0005866 v104 Apr 1 1971
Prim-Pet Sherman of Castilia
GC Shennen Pix Sin of Prim-Pet
GC, RW Prim-Pet Mirage DM
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0004956 v106 Apr 4 1973
GC Kismat Rahja of Vallemont
CH Shennen Maggie
CH Olde Calico Farah of Viran
Blue-White Persian
0191-0000493 v111 May 6 1977
Olde Calico Different Drummer
Blue-White Persian
0190-0000424 v108 Jun 3 1975
Tra-Mar Micawber of Olde Calico
Cotton Patch Partly Cloudy (of Lelabelle)
Olde Calico Annie of Spalding
Blue-White Persian
0191-0000459 v109 Jul 11 1976
Olde Calico Different Drummer
CH Tra-Mar Show Down of Rogue River
Harwood Carosel
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0101397 v1082 Jul 15 1981
Carasol Iron Mike of Harwood (Karkadann)
Cream Persian
0114-0010339 v112 Jun 1 1979
Carasol Cozad
Black Persian
0108-0006814 v111 Mar 8 1976
CH Pushkin's Titian Flame of Bar-B
Pembroke Eclipse of Ky'Om
CH Comarro Visa of Carasol
Cream Persian
0115-0007223 v111 Mar 20 1977
GC Surrey Hill Master Charge
CH Feather's Downe
Sunnyside Up of Harwood
Black Persian
0109-0009153 v0881 Jul 28 1980
CH Kayline Cricket of Bur-Rue
Black Persian
0108-0006854 v111 Jun 5 1976
CH Robzebi Royal Ruffles of Kayline
CH Robba's Starlight Cricket
Bar-B Spooky Magic of Sunnyside
Black Persian
0109-0008494 v112 Mar 27 1979
CH Prim-Pet Black Barry of Bar-B
Bar-B Satin Raven
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