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RW QGC InstaPurr Tani Mara
(F) May 6 2013, 7871-1784145, Calico Exotic
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CH Spellbound Rock Star of Instapurr
Black & White Exotic
7808-1660225 v0310 Jan 12 2009
GC Ruslana Martin of Spellbound
Brown Tabby Exotic
7744-1565454 Mar 9 2006
CH Dega-Bulu Casper
Brown Tabby & White Exotic
7944-1505142 v0506 Jul 5 2004
GC Dega-Bulu's Lil'Dutch Boy of Heida DM
Latin Lover Pearl
CH Sybarit Glamour
Brown Tabby & White Exotic
7945-1522272 v0506 Nov 23 2004
GC, DW Profecii's French Descent In Russia
Mint Hill Moulin Rouge of Chandra
Spellbound Dusk To Dawn
Tortie & White Exotic
7871-1534416 v0906 May 20 2005
GC JKZoo Same Old Same Old
Red Tabby & White Exotic
7940-1443540 v0705 Feb 1 2003
Rumblelow Moonbeam of JKZoo
CH, PR JKZoo's Kyoko of Highlander DM
CH, PR Spellbound Hurricane Hannah
Black Smoke & White Exotic
7795-1448481 v0604 Feb 19 2003
InstaPurr Kokoro

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