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CH, GP, RW Ivy Cat Sookie
(F) May 4 2010, 7545-1704673 v1111, Brown Tabby Exotic
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CH, GP, RW Calivan's Bellagio of Ivy Cat
Black Exotic
7708-1665493 v0510 Feb 11 2009
GC Calivan's Dirty Harry of Allalux DM
Black Exotic
7708-1522466 v0506 Sep 24 2004
GC, GP Pensfordhill Ebonez-er
Black Exotic
7708-1472630 v0904 Aug 19 2003
GC Ebonez Magical Memories
CH Calivan's Camille DM
CH Calivan's Tuff Tabitha of Aviance DM
Brown Tabby Exotic
7745-1470285 v1204 Sep 7 2003
CH Grandaries Sockrates of Caravan
CH Calivan's Tuff Tina of Pensfordhill DM
GC, GP, RW Calivan's Tinkerbelle DM
Tortoiseshell Exotic
7747-1550700 v0607 Sep 12 2005
GC, GP, RW Calivan's Captain Hook DM
Black Exotic
7708-1338130 v0602 May 12 2000
CH Becton's Bo Jangles of Calivan DM
Granddelight's Hidden Treasure of Calivan
GC Calivan's Tootsie DM
Copper-Eyed White Exotic
7703-1344891 v0303 Nov 4 2000
CH Becton's Bo Jangles of Calivan DM
CH Seilkies Hanae-Mori of Calivan
Ivy Cat Miss Lilly
Brown Spotted Tabby Exotic
7545-1686040 v0710 Mar 25 2009
GC, GP Sunstream Peyton Manning of Ivy Cat
Blue McTabby Exotic
7552M-1554957 v1106 Sep 15 2005
GC Catley Crue's Freight Liner
Blue McTabby CPC
3052M-1451190 v1104 Apr 6 2003
CH Catley Crue Paybacks R Hell
Catley Crue's She Ain't No Fool
GC Sunstream Tommy Girl
Brown Tabby Exotic
7545-1430353 v0605 Sep 25 2002
CH Catley Crue Xs & Os of Varajuan
GC Benzac Mambo Queen of Sunstream
CH, PR Sunstream Coco Puff of Ivy Cat
Brown Spotted Tabby Exotic
7545S-1555730 v1106 Jul 1 2005
GC Yquem Dernier Tango A Paris
Brown McTabby Exotic
7744M-1216713 v0800 Jul 13 1998
CH, DW Profecii's Bless My Soul of Yquem
Yquem Liu
Catley Crue Stubby of Sunstream
Seal Lynx Point Himalayan
3253-1443327 v1003 Nov 7 2001
CH Oakheaven's Bottom Line
GC Oakheaven's Kisses of Catley Crue
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