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GP/TICA DGCA Ivy Cat Thriller of Vannies Paws
(M) May 7 2016, 7508-2290067 / TICA SBV 050716 061, Black Exotic
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GC, BW, NW Ivy Cat Black Ice of Purr Elli DM
Black Exotic
7508-1673618 v0811 Mar 18 2009
GC Carismatic's Midnight Dream
Black Persian
0108-1613608 v1208 Jun 5 2007
GC Carismatic's Don Juan Demarco
Black Persian
0108-1113825 v0598 Oct 24 1996
CH Pernikity's Chagall of Carismatic
CH Carismatic's Sparkler
CH Carismatic's Wendy
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1331240 v1102 Jul 20 2000
Travico Shiloh of Carismatic
CH Carismatic's Sabrina
CH, GP, RW Ivy Cat Willow
Seal Lynx Point Exotic
7653-1601185 v1108 Apr 16 2007
GC, GP Sunstream Peyton Manning of Ivy Cat
Blue McTabby Exotic
7552M-1554957 v1106 Sep 15 2005
GC Catley Crue's Freight Liner
GC Sunstream Tommy Girl
CH, PR Sunstream Coco Puff of Ivy Cat
Brown Spotted Tabby Exotic
7545S-1555730 v1106 Jul 1 2005
GC Yquem Dernier Tango A Paris
Catley Crue Stubby of Sunstream
GC Ivy Cat Star Gazer
Black Exotic
7709-2040614 Aug 27 2014
Meow My Titan of Ivy Cat
Black Persian
0108-1783461 May 9 2013
GC, RW Meow My Total Eclipse
Brown Tabby Persian
0144-1695960 Mar 23 2010
GC Thai-Yves Sensation of Meow My
CH Bayou Moon Sugar Too of Meow My DM
GC Bayou Moon Brbn St Blues
Blue Tabby Persian
0153-1724899 May 20 2011
GC, RW Joleigh's Carlos Santana
GC Bayou Moon Rosebud DM
CH Steadham Rain Dancer of Ivy Cat
Black Exotic
7709-1753242 Jun 7 2012
Steadham Exotic Mojo
Brown McTabby Exotic LH
7798-1718443 v0911 Aug 29 2008
GC Floricats Jose Cuervo of Steadham
CH Ashlin Zots Glamorous of Steadham
Panei's Sweet Addiction of Steadham
Tortoiseshell Exotic
7747-1681271 v0411 Jul 21 2009
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