Pedigree of:

James' Catinet O.J.
(F) May 13 1969, 0111-0001120 v102, Red Persian
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CH, CFF CH Ken-Dee's Red Wrangler of James' Catinet
Red Persian
0110-0000340 v96/ CFF 21M1-33781 Feb 28 1962
Go-Seek-Us Little Red Rebel
Red Tabby Persian
0140-0000139 v91 Jun 22 1960
CH, CFF GC Shawnee Shoe Shine Boy II (of Go-Seek-Us)
Black Persian
0108-0038 v89/CFF 25671-1v30/ACA 45585 Jul 13 1958
CH Shawnee Applauds of Hadleigh
CH, DCH Shawnee Kaleidoscope
Moonfleet Tama of Ben-Mar
Tortoiseshell Persian
57-1035 v86 May 26 1957
CH Garvinia's Mikey
GC Kohinoor Kathleen of Moonfleet
Ken-Dee's Brenda
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0000228 v92 Apr 6 1960
Dixi-Land Little Mo of Gallahad
Blue Persian
58-422 v88 May 24 1957
CH Khyber's Boris II of Dixi-Land
CH Dixi-Land Iani
Scarlett Sage of Ken-Dee
Red Tabby Persian
0141-0000045 v88/CFF 18408 v22 Mar 23 1956
CH Kitty-Purr Red Robin
Tarra's Ginger of Kitty Purr
CH Purr-Mor Ginger of James' Catinet
Red Persian
0111-0000978 v101 Jun 26 1968
CH, DCH Terra-Lee's Shannon of Purr-Mor
Red Persian
0110-0000726 v100 Sep 3 1966
CH, ACFA RM GC Kitturah's Sundowner of Terra-Lee
Red Persian
0110-0000650 v98/ACFA P14-S66-1077 Sep 21 1965
GC, ACFA GC,TCH Kitturah's Mojeto
Kitturah's Ginger
CFF GC Terra-Lee's Chatterbox
Red Persian
0111-0000562 v98/ACFA P14-S66-2754 Oct 11 1965
Big Red of Terra-Lee(use Pajobi Big Red)
Pajobi Lil Star of Terra Lee
Fergus' Beau-Sissy
Red Persian
0111-0000805 v100 Sep 14 1966
RM GRC, CH Fergus' Tuck of Coral Gables
Cream Persian
0114-0001240 v99 /ACFA P15-S64-3074 Jul 4 1964
GC, NW Beamsley Sunshine of Gaylands
CH, DCH Chatami Petal of Fergus'
Fergus' Beautique
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0001739 v100/ACFA P73-S65-2968 Apr 13 1965
DGC Fergus' Lil Pug
CH, DCH Chatami Petal of Fergus'
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