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Jasea's Tara O'Bannon
(F) Oct 25 1994, 3293-1129155 v0897, Tortie Point Himalayan
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GC Jasea's Hullabaloo
Flame Point Himalayan
3278-866601 v0295 May 31 1993
GC DeMiara's Maxima of Jasea
Seal Point Himalayan
3272-718077 v1192 Jun 2 1991
GC DeMiara's Sweet Basil of Northshore DM
Seal Point Himalayan
3272-486062 v1189 Jul 23 1988
GC DeMiara's Cosmos DM
CH DeMiara's Chiquita Bacana DM
CH DeMiara's Snowflake
Black CPC
3009-577001 v0891 May 25 1989
CH Lauralas Narcissus of DeMiara
GC DeMiara's Cyrissa
CH Jasea's Victoria's Secret
Tortie Point Himalayan
3293-740985 v1192 Jun 19 1991
CH DeMiara's McDuff of Jasea
Flame Point Himalayan
3278-670079 v1091 Apr 21 1990
GC DeMiara's Sweet Basil of Northshore DM
DeMiara's Christmas Rose
DeMiara's Megan of Jasea
Seal Point Himalayan
3273-409228 Nov 16 1986
GC DeMiara's Sweet William
DeMiara's Sweet Caprice
DeMiara's Brogan O'Bannon of Jasea
Blue CPC
3007-842173 v0794 Sep 18 1992
CH Katra's Hit And Run of DeMiara
Black CPC
3008-690984 v0892 Feb 23 1991
GC, BW, NW Katrina's Postmarque of Katra
Black Persian
0108-473591 v1292 May 9 1988
GC, RW Mystichill On The Marque of Marhei DM
GC, GP, RW Katrina's Love Letter DM
CH Katra's Hallelujah
Seal Point Himalayan
3273-472410 v0491 Jul 15 1988
GC Khaszar's Affair O' The Heart
CH Bonnivier Koko Puff of Katra
GC, GP DeMiara's Veronica
Blue Point Himalayan
3277-451513 v0190 Feb 1 1988
GC DeMiara's Cosmos DM
Blue Point Himalayan
3276-359707 v0188 Oct 20 1986
CH DeMiara's Delphinium
GC Bambisplace Miss Muffet of DeMiara DM
DeMiara's Bellflower
Blue CPC
3007-303115 v0187 Jul 6 1985
CH Kisicats Caper of DeMiara
CH, GP DeMiara's Love In A Mist
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