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NW Joycat Ex Super Diva
(F) Jun 10 2014, 7945-2033676, Brown Tabby & White Exotic
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GC Parti Wai Ex Vin Diesel
Blue Tabby & White Exotic
7792-1776121 May 13 2012
GC Ladiluck's Technicolor of Parti Wai Ex
Cream Tabby Exotic
7954-1584571 v0808 Jul 21 2006
GC Parti Wai Ex Jim Dandy of Ladiluck
Blue & White Exotic
7806-1458512 Apr 21 2003
CH Grandaries So Smitten
CH Parti Wai Cookie Face DM
GC, RW Floricats Painted Doll of Ladiluck DM
Blue Patched McTabby & White Exotic
7987M-1523944 v1106 Apr 2 2005
D'Eden Lover Erzigova
Brown Tabby & White Exotic
7945-1621545 v0909 Aug 20 2007
Latin Lover Papa Shulss DM
Blue Spotted Tabby Exotic
7752S-1536458 v0805 Jun 20 2004
DW D'Eden Lover My Sexy Toy
Latin Lover Starlight
Kuorii Mia of D'Eden Lover DM
Black & White Persian
1109-1510817 v0905 Sep 13 2004
Bocco Manhattan of Anona
GC Blueskyeyes Black Pearls DM
Parti Wai Ex Minnie Mouse
Black & White Exotic
7809-1776125 Jul 28 2012
GC, BW, NW D'Eden Lover Cougart of Parti Wai Ex
Black Exotic
7708-1622228 v0910 Nov 5 2007
Latin Lover Sniper
Brown Tabby Exotic
7744-1555658 Nov 28 2005
CH Kuorii Dado
CH Argentovivo Nikita of Latin Lover
GC Kuorii Yohji of D'Eden Lover
Tortoiseshell Exotic
7747-1510814 v1105 Sep 10 2004
DW D'Eden Lover My Sexy Toy
GC, NW Kuorii J'Lo of Marcus
Panei's Jewel
Calico Exotic
7749-1714974 Mar 27 2010
CH Parti Wai Ex Blue Moon of Panei
Blue & White Exotic
7806-1682189 Apr 16 2008
GC Ladiluck's Technicolor of Parti Wai Ex
GC Parti Wai Ex Tra Read All About It
Panei's Ella
Copper-Eyed White Exotic
7703-1623881 v0808 Oct 2 2006
GC Grandaries Tuxedo Sam of Panei DM
GC Panei's Dominique DM
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