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GC Katrina's Scandal
(F) Mar 26 1980, 0109-0008979 v0282, Black Persian
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CH Willow Glen Gatsby of Rookhaven
Blue Persian
0106-0009159 v108 May 20 1974
GC, NW Woodkiff Fan Tan of Castilia
Cream Persian
0114-0001786 v101 Aug 1 1967
Woodkiff Sandman of Pur-Time
Cream Persian
0114-0001310 v100 Jul 19 1966
CH, GP, ACA CH Woodkiff Talisman of Windsong
CH Woodkiff Heyday
CH Windsong Carioca of Woodkiff
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0001393 v100 Aug 1 1966
GC Gold Inn King's Rans'm of Windsong
CH Woodkiff Valencia of Windsong
CH, DCH Willow Glen Scandal of Gambit
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0002122 v102 Nov 2 1968
CH Simbelair Blue Chip
Blue Persian
0106-0001961 v98 Jul 19 1965
GC, NW, GP Castilia Sandy of Pur-Time
CH Larks-Purr Cleome of Simbelair
CH Rustnik Sheba of Willow Glen
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0001275 v99 Oct 14 1965
CH, CFF GC Rustnik Johnnie II
Patricia's Dawne of Rustnik
Katrina's Collage
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0009635 v111 May 9 1978
GC Fo-Mara Junior Johnson of Drema
Black Persian
0108-0006645 v109 Jan 13 1976
CH Willow Glen R.W. Johnson of Katrina
Blue Persian
0106-0009137 v108 May 9 1974
CH Willow Glen Wildfire of Gambit
CH Shawnee Felice of Willow Glen
Jama Kats Canasta of Fo-Mara
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0006279 v107 Aug 12 1974
CH Prim-Pet Goblin
Shennen Sarah Bell
CH Wil-Jon's Surprise of Katrina
Cream Persian
0115-0005099 v109 Apr 12 1975
GC Justice General Motors of Willow Glen
Cream Persian
0114-0004152 v105 Dec 29 1971
Justice Ted Bear
Willow Glen Fallen Angel
CH Willow Glen Chiffon of Wil-Jon
Cream Persian
0115-0004140 v107 Jul 23 1973
GC Justice General Motors of Willow Glen
Willow Glen Moon Maiden
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