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Katz Caprice James Bond of Jaemak
(M) May 30 2006, 3174-1573124, Lilac & White CPC
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CH Tracylooe Milkshake of Katz Caprice
Lilac & White CPC
3174-1549612 v0606 Apr 6 2005
Tracylooe Paddington Bear
Chocolate CPC
GCCF CS 546395 Sep 14 2002
Tracylooe Damaclese
GCCF CS 497131
Purrbox Charbon Copy
EnGCH Tracylooe Ultra Marbledlux
Tracylooe BabyBlue
GCCF CS 510144
Algernon Blackjack
Tracylooe Vicky Violet
Tracylooe Amy
Blue & White CPC
GCCF CS 587886
Tracylooe Lock And Load
Lilac CPC
GCCF CSSR 527784 Jun 7 2002
Tracylooe American Online
Tracylooe Nocturna
Tracylooe Sarah Nancy
Calico CPC
GCCF CSSR 545724
Katz Caprice Violet
Blue CPC
3007-1527445 v0806 May 1 2005
GC CoralDancer Higgins of Katz Caprice
Black Persian
0108-1264145 v1002 Jun 27 1999
GC Playthings Cody-Bear of Coraldancer
Black Persian
0108-1188662 v0702 Nov 2 1997
Petalpaws Bluebelle of Coraldancer
Blue & White Persian
1107-1217955 v0899 Jul 28 1998
Mibarben Lily of Katz Caprice
Lilac CPC
3023-1432051 v0604 Sep 16 2002
CH Foxy Grape Fun! of Mibarben
Lilac CPC
3022-1381749 v1002 Aug 12 2001
CH Foxy LilacDotCom!
Foxy Fannie May!
Mibarben Sissy
Chocolate CPC
3021-1344181 v0401 May 19 1999
Mibarben Jersey
Mibarben Jelly Beans
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