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GC Kisicats Figment O' Our Imagination DM
(M) Sep 14 1987, 3296-433788 v0689, Cream Point Himalayan
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GC Honalee's T.C. of Purrstar
Blue Point Himalayan
0176-193095 v0885 Jan 1 1984
GC, RW Thesaurus' Yosemite Sam of Honalee
Flame Point Himalayan
0178-088369 v1282 Aug 7 1981
CH Thesaurus' Keep The Beat
Seal Point Himalayan
0172-010559 v0781 Feb 12 1980
CH Madame Nu's Tommy Gunn of Oakheaven
CH Lishan's Melody of Thesaurus
CH Thesaurus Madame Butterfly
Tortie Point Himalayan
0193-002509 v112 Oct 28 1977
GC Tunxis Valley Soket Tumi Chunky
GC Beach Haven Pastel of Madame Nu
T. Renn's Miss Yankee of Honalee
Blue Point Himalayan
0177-008639 v0881 Apr 5 1980
CH T. Renn's Camerarius of Pasquier
Blue Point Himalayan
0176-005784 v112 May 18 1979
GC Tunxis Valley Cameron Clings
Cat Lore Heavensent of T. Renn
GC T. Renn's Teardrop
Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
0189-000647 v110 Nov 7 1976
GC Tunxis Valley Cameron Clings
T. Renn's Tu-Tone
GC, GP, RW Kisicats Creme Caramel
Cream Point Himalayan
3297-346101 v0188 Jul 8 1986
CH Fandasia Flash of Kisicats
Cream Point Himalayan
3296-241656 v1086 Oct 8 1984
Kisicats X-Ray of DeMiara
Black CPC
0194-183845 v1284 Jul 10 1983
GC Penhill Tritoma of Lauralas
GC Kisicats Chloe
CH Kisicats Keepsake of Fandasia
Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
0189-183737 v1184 May 31 1983
GC, PR Peaceful Paws Solar Energy of Dolce
CH Kisicats Mistigris
CH DeMiara's Fracas of Kisicats
Blue-Cream CPC
3051-261075 v0786 Jan 27 1985
CH Kisicats Caper of DeMiara
Black CPC
0194-177929 v1084 Jul 10 1983
GC Penhill Tritoma of Lauralas
GC Kisicats Chloe
Bambisplace Clover of DeMiara
Blue-Cream CPC
0195-165520 v0684 Apr 14 1983
CH Ronlyn Ricochet of DeMiara
CH Bambisplace Peadinks
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